The Dark Knight Rises HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)


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Apr 16, 2008
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Yes I did.

When Batman reveals his identity to Gordon;

and Alfred at the gravesite.

Had tears of joy when I saw Bruce and Selina in Florence.
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I actually cried early on, during the Alfred/Bruce "break-up" scene. And when Alfred was apologizing to Thomas Wayne's gravestone at the end for not protecting his son. What can I say, a blubbering Michael Caine just gets to me, lol.
I got quite teary eyed at Alfred at the graveside, closest I've come to crying during these movies. The only other moment that came close was Gordon's "death" in TDK.
I didn't shed tears, but I got a little chocked during the first Batman and Bane fight because of the brutal beating Bruce received. The second scene that moved me was when Blake confronted Bruce about him being Batman. On a personal level the thing about wearing a mask to hide the grief struck me because I'd done it in my own life.
Bruce climbing out of the pit. The will dammit, the will to act.

I also teared up when Alfred told Bruce about the letter and when he's warning him about Bane.
Started to with the Gordon Tale of Two Cities voiceover, and Alfred crying, then the Blake stuff happened and I was

So ultimately, no.
Bane's crying/goodbye to Talia, the funeral, Alfred telling Bruce about the letter from Rachel/their break up. At those points, I was genuinely crying, tears streaming. I did get teary-eyed at other points though, such as the reveal to Gordon, etc. And I never cry at films! I've seen so many films with friends and they've all called me heartless for not crying or showing emotion. This killed me though.
Yeah I cried a lot.

I cried when Alfred said he was leaving. I cried when Bruce Rose out of the pit. I cried when Bruce revealed himself to Gordon. I cried when Batman flew the nuke out over the water. I cried when Alfred lost it at the tombstones.

At one point, I was just crying because it was so good... I forget where in the movie I was, but I actually remember chuckling to myself while tears where rolling down my cheeks because I was being so ridiculous :funny:
Yes I did.

When Batman reveals his identity to Gordon;

and Alfred at the gravesite.

Had tears of joy when I saw Bruce and Selina in Florence.

Wow, exact same thing as me.

I knew the ending before I watched it, but Michael Caine acting was so powerful that I couldn't control myself.

The Cafe moment was a another tear jerking moment especially with the score going loud the second it showed Bruce.

Gordon moment was also good. I was like finally, he knows.

The Talia and Bane scene did absolutely nothing for me emotionally.
oddly and surprisingly enough it was my wife who began crying as batman was flying out with the bomb..caught me off guard..dont know what her reaction was when they showed bruce still lived..

I didnt react cause I was actually upset about it...i quickly made peace with the idea that Batman was going to die, the graveyard scene with Alfred felt right (expected his heart to break and for him to die on the spot)...the reveal at the end betrayed my preconceived expectations of what the ending should have been so I was actually disappointed in the ending....

Having taken a few days to truly digest what happened I feel somewhat better about the ending, its odd to me how the idea of a "happy" ending for batman bothered me..I should be glad for it....

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