Hong Kong’s Disneyland to Get Marvel Superheroes


Jun 16, 2009
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Famed Marvel Comics superheroes like Spider-Man, X-Men and the Fantastic Four will soon call a part of Hong Kong Disneyland home, when the theme park opens an area dedicated to the comic-book stars.

Hong Kong Disneyland, the smallest of Walt Disney Co. DIS +0.58%’s parks worldwide, last week reported its first annual profit since its 2005 opening. The park has struggled over the years to boost attendance from its key target demographic—tourists from mainland China—many who aren’t enamored enough of Disney characters to make a special trip to the park. The park has also been competing with Ocean Park, a Sea World-type marine park in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Disneyland has added several new themed “lands” over the last few years to boost its size and attractiveness.

The addition of Marvel in Hong Kong will be the first of its kind of any Disney resort, and could be a big draw for mainland Chinese tourists after the success of several Hollywood smash-hits that featured Marvel characters. Marvel superheroes could also attract older and more affluent visitors, as opposed to the younger audiences that the traditional Disney characters target.

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Would be interesting to see what they will do with the Disney Land they will soon build here in Shanghai. Lord knows its going to bring in loads of cash. Not surprised HK Disney has been losing money. Mainland Chinese still need a special kind of "visa" to travel to Hong Kong. Maybe it's too much of an hassle.
Hong Kong Disneyland plans Iron Man area to lure more visitors to struggling park

Hong Kong — Hong Kong Disneyland is adding an Iron Man-themed area in the hopes that the Marvel superhero’s success at the Chinese box office will help draw more visitors to the underachieving resort.

The park said Tuesday that the Iron Man Experience is planned to open by late 2016.

A thrill ride will let visitors “take flight with Iron Man on an epic adventure” involving a “battle against alien invaders” across Hong Kong, the park said.

Fans will also be able to take photos with the action character, view the different Iron Man suits created by alter ego Tony Stark and visit a gift shop.

Hong Kong Disneyland revealed few other details, such as the project’s budget.

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Hercules meet Hercules need to happen

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