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Hotty of Hotties: Match 4 - Vida Guerra vs. Roselyn Sanchez

The Lumberjack

Mar 18, 2003
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Okay, we'll see how well this works out. Now this is gonna take a long-ass time, but these sort of things are always fun. I'm going to post a match every week on either Tuesday or Wedensday asking you to vote for which of the two girls you prefer. It can be based on any criteria you want. Hair color, breast size, acting ability, whatever, just as long as you vote. There several women and several matches. Below you will find a list of the match-ups for Round 1. If you have a problem w/ some of the match-ups, tough **** b/c this is my tournament. The list of all the first round mathces is as follows:

Round 1

Match 1: Rosario Dawson vs. Elisha Cuthbert - 24-43
Match 2: Kate Beckinsale vs. Monica Bellucci - 34-18
Match 3: Hilary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan - 13-40
Match 4: Vida Guerra vs. Roselyn Sanchez
Match 5: Jessica Simpson vs. Adriana Lima
Match 6: Eliza Dushku vs. Angelina Jolie
Match 7: Beyonce vs. Christina Aguilera
Match 8: Anna Nicole Smith vs. Pamela Anderson
Match 9: Maria Menounos vs. Jillian Barberie
Match 10: Anna Kournikova vs. Brooke Brooke
Match 11: Christina Milian vs. Jaime Pressly
Match 12: Shannon Elizabeth vs. Tara Reid
Match 13: Carmen Electra vs. Tyra Banks
Match 14: Ashanti vs. Mya
Match 15: Jessica Alba vs. Eva Mendes
Match 16: Halle Berry vs. Paris Hilton

This time we have the ass to end all asses, Vida Guerra




The hot chick from Rush Hour 2 and object of BK's avatar, Roselyn Sanchez.



BTW BK if you want to post the gif your avatar was made from, I think we would all appreciate it.
a toughy, but i've gotta go w/ life war. aka: vida guerra. if spanish speaking people now think i sound incredibly stupid, well, too bad. get used to it.
Vida... hands down. On her ass.

Sheesh this is going to be a blow out! :eek:

Bow Down To The Power Of The Ass, All Ye Contenders!
in the immortal words of Krusty

"The tomato with the melons"
Definitely Vida, she squish Roselyn with that ass of hers.....:o
Id have to go with vida only cause those are not the hottest pictures of Roselyn Sanchez
Kaleb.09 said:
Id have to go with vida only cause those are not the hottest pictures of Roselyn Sanchez
If you know where there are better pics then post them.
BrodieBruce said:
you should pick people that other people have heard of
If you've never heard of these two, you've been living under a rock for a few years.

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