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Justice League How do you want the League to relate to governments?


Sep 6, 2011
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One of the issues I had with avengers was the part played by the actual World Security Council in the storyline; you can't tell me that when 1) an invasion is attacking the Earth through a narrow gap in space and 2) you know that the enemy is vulnerable to conventional weaponry the WSC is going to immediately go to the nuclear option. Heck, it's implied in the film that NYPD members are taking out aliens with handguns like Black Widow. Somewhere during that scene there's a Marine Corps. Commandant crying about not being able to send his jarheads into combat and missing out on the fun. And no one feels like they themselves should launch any missiles or artillery through the space hole? I understand why it happened plot-wise, but it's still kind of frustrating.

So when Justice League gets made, what type of relationship should they have with the rest of Earth's governments and authorities? If you include Wonder Woman and Aquaman, the team has two monarchs from soveriegn nations on their squad, an alien, one intergalactic police man from a space government with Earth having no authority itself, an unbelievably fast blur of American origin, and a mysterious vigilante who apparently has survived attacks by special forces by himself, and that's just the classic line-up. Yet, traditionally, the League has very good relations with the American government at the very least, and seems to avoid outright antagonizing any serious powers itself.

I'd kind of like the movie to apply some real world logic and character development while still maintaining some of the traditional aspects of their existence. I'd like to see the League formed in circumstances obviously beyond the responding power of the U.N., NATO, and SCO but also acknowledging the authority granted those organizations and being mostly public about their desire to continue protecting the world.

Maybe having Aquaman and Wonder Woman on the League actually encourages the American government, since they hopefully have some measure of trust in Superman after Man of Steel, with them figuring he's the top dog and on their side.

Having the League maintain a zero body-count throughout their actions might also act as an encouragement for the U.N. to endorse them to an extent. I'd kind of like to see some tacit approval from the U.N., if nothing more, and maybe they actually give the League Watchtower in exchange for some basic rules to be followed by the League like limited membership numbers and respect for most national decisions.

That's not to say that I don't want there to definitely be some tension; I'd really like Amanda Waller and Checkmate to make an immediate appearance representing America's distrust of such a powerful group, and maybe the U.N. runs Checkmate and the suicide squad as a contingency plan in case of a rogue league action or for it's own ends. And having them exist in a state of half trust and half fear would be both different from Marvel (more overall international and civilian support) and also susceptible to Darkseid's propaganda minion Glorious Godfrey.

What do you think?
I'm very curious to see what Superman's relationship with the goverment and the world in general is by the end of Man of Steel.Whatever happens there I imagine will play into the Justice League movie.

I haven't followed the Atlantis storyline in the current series but I think that simular to the animated series,a misunderstanding between Atlantis and the surface world in a sequel is the best way to introduce Aquaman who eventually joins the team to fight the true mutual threat. This is a large reason why I think Aquaman would be given most signigance and justice by not putting him in the first movie and saving him for the second or even third film.

Lastly,I think that Amanda Waller and Cadmus/Checkmate would be a fitting addition to this series.I think it would be interesting for them to try to recruit the team's "human" Batman,Batman declining but setting up his own contingency plans unbeknownst to everyone.
Non-governmental organisation. But should still have the Watchtower supplied by all world governments.

The US could maybe set up Checkmate as a countermeasure, and maybe the US is allowed Steve Trevor as a liaison.
Go the opposite of the Avengers.

Cadmus should be an enemy of the JL.
So have the secretive government agency be the bad-guys while the actual government itself seems friendlier? Because you could totally make that work and not make it a contradiction. Cadmus can build up all this weaponry and contingencies and even attempt to subvert the League because they believe defending the world is their job while the actual government leaders try desperately to keep them on a leash.
See KINGDOM COME. I think the government and the people would like to trust the League, but there are concerns and tensions rising.

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