How is money made?


Jul 30, 2007
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Where does it come from? Trees? Where does the ink come from?

What are the physical properties of coins? Rocks? What kind of rocks?
Money is made by applying yourself from an early age and continueing to invest in yourself. Not Givening to temptations like Lazyness. Using common sence can help you make money also. Try, getting a good job. Most people make their money by inventing something, or creating an idea that can lead to the betterment of other's lives. That would be a sure fire way to make Money. :)

Sounds like a glue-sniffer.

"How doo they make money? BuuUUuurh, BuuuUUurh....trees and rocks?!
Money trees.....BuuuUUUurh...*snort*......I wanna make some."

Money was made by people who got sick and tired of trying to figure out whether 3 loaves of bread had the same value as 3 fish. It was just a lot easier to go around saying, "These coins are made of a rare metal that has an equal value to 3 loaves of bread". Later it was found that it got pretty tiresome carrying around all these coins all the time, so someone decided to write down on paper "This paper is equal to 5 gold coins". Eventually a recognizable standard was developed that all the papers in a specific area had to be made by this group of people for that area and have different denominations on them. Then counterfeiting came along and now we carry plastic instead.
well . . . I make money by going to work :o
An orgy, or would that be when 10 dimes get together.
All I know is, once you get 100 pennies together, you're pretty much organizing a free-love rock festival.
whats going on?
where am I?
who said that?
where'd he go?
Don't hide in there!!
Is money


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