How long has anyone been a Batman fan?


Jul 13, 2011
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For me since 89 when i saw the movie 6 times in theaters when i was 8 but before that in the 80s i was more into Superman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, X-Men, JLA, Swamp Thing and other comic heroes and thought Batman was lame cause he had no powers.

However thanks to 89's movie i learned you don't need powers to be a hero and he became my second fave DC character with Swamp Thing number 1 and Superman 3rd. I started collecting the comics since 89 including Catwoman comics, Robin comics, Detective comics and Nightwing to other Batman comics. I bought Killing Joke when i was 13 and was one of my first graphic novel purchases.

As a kid i did watched the 60's show during Batmania and also had merchandise to 89's movie, saw the sequel 5 times in theaters and watched TAS religiously.
I've been a batman fan since as long as can remember. Probably since I was 4. What got me hooked the most I would say was the animated series man how I miss that show :(
Tim Burton's Batman. He was one of the two superheroes that I was exposed to first.
I'd say 12 years. Since I was four. I saw Batman 1989, then Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.
Some of my earliest memories are from around 1988 when I was about 4 and a year before the Burton film came out. I grew up on the Adam West tv series and 70's/80's comics. In particular Neal Adams' look and the Death in the Family series. Seeing Bats lose someone so close such as Jason was unimaginable to me. At the time I was a bigger Robin fan than Batman, but seeing Bats hold Robin in his arms bloody and torn in the rubble just made me see a different side to Bats. A year later and the moment Keaton dropped in on the rooftop at the start of the film in all black with the yellow emblem......Bats just soared to the top of my favorite heroes (along with Spidey).
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Since 1992 after I saw Batman Returns. Then BTAS came out shortly after that, and I haven't looked back since. I was in the grip of Batman.
Almost 25 years now which is most of my life.
For as long as I can remember being a kid. I saw the original 89 Batman first when it came out on VHS. Movie Batman led me to reading some of the comics. I'm not huge on comics so I didn't follow a lot of it.
I'm 21 now and the first batman movie I saw was Forever in 1995 when I was four. I then watched a ton of TAS, Mask of Phantasm, and every movie since. Always been real big on the merchandise, video games, etc. I've read some comics but not a ton, TDKReturns, Knightfall, Killing Joke, TLH, and Vengeance of Bane. So 17 years of Batfan for me.
I'd have to say, as long as I can remember. I'm 29 now and I remember watching the old Adam West Batman so I guess it stared then. It was always my dream to be just like Batman. I can see thats crazy now lol but as a kid you don't know any better. I remember every Friday, my dad would bring me a 20 piece nugget and I would watch BTAS after school. Those were the days!:woot: Another tradition I value greatly is whenever a new Batman movie comes out, my dad and I go see it opening day. Ever since Batman Returns, possibly B89, but my memory is foggy on that one. The tradition will continue this Friday when I see TDKR with my dad, and mom decided to join in on it too!
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I wanted to see the movie in 1989 but wasn't allowed. I collected the trading cards and got the figures for my birthday. My parent bought me the vhs for Christmas that year. I had seen the Adam West show by then and was already familiar the character. Also my grandparents had the retro Batman and Robin figures at their house and let me play with them. So it's been longer than I can remember.

I got to see Batman Returns and every Bat film since then in theaters. I'd place Spider-man and Batman as my two favorite characters. I collected the comics and watched the animated series but for some reason never gave Batman Beyond a chance until I saw the Return of the Joker film.
I've been a Batman fan since 1964. Saw the Adam West movie with my dad in 66, and have been collecting the comics and toys ever since.
I grew up watching Adam West and Michael Keaton as Batman. Since I was around 5 I'd say.
Earliest memories was from around the age of 5. Watching reruns of the Adam West series, going through my Uncles comics, and playing with my Mego's. That would be 1978.
Since I was 2 or 3, 21 now~

Started watching Batman 60's tv series when I was 3, can't say I understood everything back then but sure the hell I knew all the characters and the Joker scared the **** outa me, and my sister as well (geez so she was only 2 back then).

After that I'm a fan of Tim Burton's batman, found them scary but attractive at the same time. I even once enjoyed the 3rd, 4th movie. I wanted ask my parents to take me to the theaters of both batman forever/& robin, but somehow I never asked, probably asking them to cinema was a big deal back then and I got scared.

Then Batman Begins was one of the first 5 movies I saw in the cinema without family (along with my friend), that was the first year of high school, I remember everyone was saying how boring it was, but me and my friends loved it!

Then The Dark Knight came to Hong Kong for shooting, I mean Man! It was more than Christmas came early. Batman on the news everyday, rumor said there'll be a batpod chase scene in HK (It didn't of cause but still worth a hype) and got to meet Christopher Nolan in real pserson! (I wish it happened a bit later, it would have meant even more to me). The whole Hong Kong city went crazy! TDK is the biggest movie experience in my life so far.

And so The Dark Knight trilogy become the first trilogy I finished at the cinema (would have been transformers, thank god that liar Bay didn't keep his promise as usual).

Looking forward to the next batman era~

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