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How many sequels do you think FOX can release after this reboot?

Aug 19, 2004
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I hope FOX get their act together, even if this reboot didn't do much at the box-office, I hope they have an end-game plan or 5 to 10 years plan for this series. I'm afraid if this movie didn't so well at the box-office, FOX would just this leave hanging in the air like what they did to Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer.

I want a quadrilogy w/o a cross-over movie with the X-Men. But I think FOX would want to release two sequels and 1 movie with the X-Men.
Bond just celebrated 50 years in the movies, so how about 40 years for the FF?
I really want to see the title if they get to a 4th movie.
First off, I hope the X-Verse doesnt touch this F4 reboot. No quicker way to ruin it imo.

However, A Fox "Marvel-verse" is something I could get on board with if it went something like this:

Fantastic Four: 2015
Origin, Negative Zone, Annihilus

Fantastic Four 2: 2017
Subterranea, Giganto, Latveria, Dr. Doom

Silver Surfer, Herald of Galactus: 2018
Origin, Norrin Radd, Zenn-La

Fantastic Four 3: 2019
Space, Skrulls, Galactus

Also, I'd love for it to have ties to the MCU. If only very minute.
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I want it like this:

Fantastic Four - 2015
Fantastic Four 2 - 2017
Fantastic Four 3 - 2019
Fantastic Four 4 - 2021

I would be thrilled if FOX managed to make it to the 4th movie.
If they can make 2-3 high quality films before the rights go back to Marvel/Disney, I'm fine with that.
It all depends on the success of the first film. If it does well enough (financially), they will no doubt make sequels. All depends on how they advertise this film.
Maybe 2 sequels, don't expect much more
Quality films...I repeat QUALITY films...if Fox miraculously pulls this off and that is a BIG IF...then I want to see a series....but at the end of the day, send it home to Marvel...I guarantee Marvel/Disney would make it a priority if they got the rights now
If the films are good, I'd prefer the series to just keep going. I'm not sold on this upcoming film having the greatest chance in the world to even be a huge success, though. It's too early to say, but it could very easily be a one and done situation.
Even though I highly respect and have faith in Mark Millar, I am not too enthused about the production. If it turns out to be a success, there is no reason why they cannot turn it into a regular film series, a la Bond. The FF have a rich catalogue of villains and storylines to cull; plus, the comics, esp. the original run, would offer a unique cinematic flavor: a sci-fantasy adventure without cynicism. If they do the casting and writing right, there is no reason why the Thing should not have a cultural explosion similar to the Hulk after The Avengers.
I'm still hoping for the plans for a reboot to fail and that FOX hands FF back to Marvel...... I can dream can't I?
I'm still hoping for the plans for a reboot to fail and that FOX hands FF back to Marvel...... I can dream can't I?

Even the reboot fails in 2015, it might take at least 5 years for Marvel Studios to get the movie rights for the Fantastic Four unless FOX hands them over.
I don't want it to even get to a reboot, the plans should fall through so that Marvel can get them quicker.
I can deal with Fox rebooting the movies, I don't hate the previous 2
We gotta get Mole Man and his minions or at least a mole monster in one film.
3 Sequels. Four Fantastic Four films sounds so right.

Fantastic Four 1
- Negative Zone, Mole Man, Annihilus
Fantastic Four 2
- Latveria/Atlantis, Namor, Dr. Doom
Fantastic Four 3
- Space/Cosmic, Skrulls, Super Skrull, Silver Surfer, Galactus
Fantastic Four 4
- Time Travel, Puppet Master, Hyperstorm
What could the plots be? The first film could be an origin with the Mole Man and Subterranea featured.

The 2nd film could be the introduction of Latveria and just be Doom's movie.

The 3rd film could be a space feature and introduce the Negative Zone and be like an old Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers movie

The 4th film could introduce Norrin Radd and do a "Coming of Galactus" story and feature The Watcher as well.
1st. Origin story with Annihilus as the villain

2nd. Bring in Doctor Doom

Secret Wars film with the X-Men and Beyonder as the villain

3rd. Galactus + Silver Surfer

4th. Super Skrull

5th. Frightful Four (Mad Thinker, Wizard, Trapster, Lucia von Bardas)

6th. Mole Man

7th. Kang
Too bad that Matthew Vaughn isn't involved. I'd like to see 3 then turn it over to Disney.
I am happy that Josh Trank is supposed to direct though.
I see this as a one off. If you can't respect the source material don't waste your time.
Hopefully, none. I hope this thing bombs, and Marvel can get the rights back.

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