The Dark Knight Rises How much do the trailers give away?


May 9, 2011
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Hi guys. To those who have been lucky enough to have seems the film. How much of the film is revealed in the trailers and tv spots? Are most of the action scenes and set pieces glimpsed or is a lot held back? I'm hoping not too much was given away. Thanks for any response! See you guys midnight on Thursday!
Compare it to the TASM and Avengers trailers so we have a scale.

...You know, most trailers and commercials re-use the same footage in new sequences. With each one maybe getting a new line or two, a new clip or two.

So, I mean, it's literally impossible to show more than maybe .1 to .5% of a standard length film in such. With TDKR being near 3 hours, maybe that's .01%
I think there is a lot we don't know about that the trailers haven't even touched on
A totally non-spoiler answer:

There's a lot of stuff in the film that is not shown or hinted at in the trailers.

That said, a lot of that stuff will be a piece of cake for Bat-fans to anticipate.
The trailer pretty much explains the plot of the movie.

Bane trashes gotham, batman saves the day, penguin rises from the sewers.

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