How would you feel about a live action adaptation of Batman: Mask of The Phantasm?

Kevin Smith

Apr 22, 2008
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Well? I for one think it'd be awesome. I love this movie and consider it to be the best Batman to date, if not one of the best. I think it'd make an awesome live action film. I love The Joker's origin in it and connection with the mob, Phantasm, and Batman, the love story is also quite good. And I am all for the Phantasm being used as a character in live action. I think it'd be great. Hell, they could even set it in the same psuedo 30s/40s/ish world that the movie/animated series was set in, I think that'd be cool.

If not, I'd be game if they adapted it for the "reboot" for the most part and used that to reintroduce Batman. Different take, yet great story. I just don't know how much of the origin I'd show of Batman, but I think it'd be fine because so much else is tied into it, it's not the sole, focal point, plus it establishes that this is not the Nolan Batman by showing bits of how he came to be briefly, and touches on the Joker's origin. (And oh yeah! The JOKER is in it! EVERY Batman film with the Joker is ALWAYS a MUST WATCH, the Batman films (Batman anything) with the Joker are always the best ones, so you know having him in it is about a guaranteed $ucce$$ financially :) )

What are your thoughts?
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I can't think of a single sane Batman fan that wouldn't LOVE for this to happen. That would be so awesome if MOTP was the first film in a new series.
this would be ****ing beautiful. i've even imagined it in my head before.
Well, personally I think it would be utterly pointless. We already have a Mask of the Phantasm. It's great but why would we need another one?

We have to wait years to get a new live action Batman movie, why tell a story we already know?
Well, personally I think it would be utterly pointless. We already have a Mask of the Phantasm. It's great but why would we need another one?

We have to wait years to get a new live action Batman movie, why tell a story we already know?

one could say the same thing about batman begins , or man of steel, or pretty much any reboot out there.

i think a "re-imagining " of it would be interesting. not so much an exact "scene-for-scene " copy. same for "return of the joker " .
Though I love that poster that I... uh... posted... I have to agree with Wesley Dodds. It doesn't need a remake, not even in live action.

Although if they did remake it I would totally go see it.
I personally don't want this, the cartoon version was awesome why try and replicate that?

Also there's the fact that Mark Hamill couldn't be ther Joker and Kevin Conroy wouldn't be Batman. That helped make the movie, you can't have them in live-action.
Well I wouldn't do a "beat for beat" copy of it but as far as like that template or whatever goes, the overall arc, with the characters, I think THAT'd be great to see. :)
Would be a great place to start for a rebooted Batman series. Best Batman movie period.
I wouldn't mind a MOTP inspired Batman film. In fact, I think that would be a good way to start off the Batman reboot in the shared universe WB is planning. It would feature an already established Batman without doing the origin while still doing the origin (if that makes any sense lol) and giving the movie an overall message about Batman through the flashbacks.
I would feel that it's a waste of time not only concerning time and budget, but the artistry of the filmmakers themselves. The movie is also unlikely to match up to its animated superior in any fashion furthering its uselessness. And this goes for an 'Arkham Asylum' movie as well. I would much rather see a talented filmmaker bring his own vision of Bats to the screen.
If they attempt to do the same thing, then yes. If they use a similar concept to the Phantasm, then I dunno. If they straight up adapt MOTP though, then yes it WILL be a fail and won't match up to the original.
Well, personally I think it would be utterly pointless. We already have a Mask of the Phantasm. It's great but why would we need another one?

We have to wait years to get a new live action Batman movie, why tell a story we already know?

Ding, ding, ding!!! What do we have for him, Johnny?

Agree with Wesley. Mask of the Phantasm was a great film that tied in with Batman:TAS, but to see a live action version...I think it would be a safer bet to see a live action version of Year Two, which ironically is the best inspiration of the Phantasm with Year Two's Reaper.
I think it's insulting to everyone who worked on Mask of the Phantasm to say that it should be adapted into live action, as if the animated version doesn't fully count for something. Like it's too weak to be its own thing, it must be adapted into live action for it to gain any substance (as only a source for adaptation). Why are there no suggestions about making Batman Begins a cartoon? Animation is just as valid as live action.
I'd like to see the flash back stuff from the film be the basis for the reboot's origin.That way,we get an Origin,without having a complete rehash of BB.
I don't think you can really adapt MOTP without changing it substantially. It's been many years since I've seen it, but from what I remember, most of the movie revolves around Batman trying to solve the mystery of who this unknown villain is. I recall being floored when it was revealed that the Phantasm was Andrea. MOTP would have less appeal if it were remade in live action since the audience will already know who the person behind the mask is.
I'd love to see it expanded upon in live action. The animated film is pretty short and would definitely benefit from a longer run time. Tbh MOTP is still my favorite Batman film and favorite origin story.
It was a remarkably good story, but I think it would be a hard sell as a live action film. More introspective and methodical than most movies in the genre, and TAS gave it a great deal of context that a live action film would be lacking. I'd give it a look, but not something I'm passionate about or holding my breath for.
I just looked at the casting on the first fan-made poster God, it is perfect. As quoting my friend who I shared it with, find me the portal to the alternate reality where this film exists!

In terms of reality, if a good adaptation of it was made, I would see it ten times, easily. It does not have to be a shot-for-shot remake ( a la Van Sant's Pyscho,) but a synthesis: blend it with another graphic novel or comic run. Or, find a brilliant director with their own unique aesthetic, and let them run with it. It could be pulled off, to great effect.

Diverging from topic, I wish the film would be upgraded and restocked with features for a Blu Ray release. Atop of this, I do wish Andrea Beaumont would be assimilated into the comic continuity; she is one of the best female characters the company has created, yet she is restricted to the film and a handful of issues that compromise the sequel.

All of this (and the avvy) are timed oddly, as I watched Mask of the Phantasm, before I went to bed last night, and still feeling the euphoria from rewatching a classic, especially one from my childhood (along with SubZero.)

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