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Iron Man 3 How would you have handled the Iron Man sequels?

Chris B

Jan 28, 2002
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Maybe this should go in another forum, but IM3 is where all the discussion is at the moment.

Anyway, IM1 is generally considered to be among the greats of comic book films. Though unfortunately, IM2 & 3 seem to be considered missed oppurtunities and not part of that league for various reasons such as too much Avengers set-up or plot twists pertaining to the villains.

So with that in mind, what do you think they could've done to change that?

For me, I think IM2 should've been a straight-up adaption of 'Demon in the Bottle' with a heavy dose of 'Armor Wars' thrown in. I would've dropped the whole Ivan Vanko storyline and had made Justin Hammer the main villain instead. I'd still had included Whiplash albeit in a more faithful way as part of private supervillain army financed by Hammer that would also include Blizzard and the Melter. I'd have had Anton Vanko as a Russian engineer/scientist in the employ of Hammer who eventually builds the Crimson Dynamo suit to be piloted by Boris Turgenov.

I'd also still have Rhodes become War Machine, and still give the Black Widow a cameo.

For IM3, I'd still have it be an adaption of 'Extremis' along with adapting elements from 'Haunted.' Mainly the Mandarin being portrayed as an elusive Chinese businessman named Tem Borign who runs the biotech company called Prometheus. Essentially filling in the role that Killian does in the actual film. I'm leaning towards the Mandarin still having the Extremis powers, with the rings being only symbolic for his control of ten terror cells located around the (ie the Ten Rings organization). Though maybe exhibting other power besides heat manipulation like electricity and cold manipulation as a nod to the rings' traditional powers from the comics.
I would have given Favreau greater/complete control for the sequel and told Marvel to suck it. We probably would have gotten a better Iron Man 2 and a great, non-Joke Black Iron Man 3.
Yeah idk. I'm one of those who likes IM2 a lot despite its flaws. But giving Vanko substantially more screen time and SHIELD slightly less screen time wouldve been a start.

IM3, I wouldve probably had it go mostly as expected. Mandarin is the main villain, probably kills Killian to gain control of his Extremis army. Rhodes wouldve ditched Iron Patriot in favor of his War Machine armor. And we wouldve seen a hell of a lot more of Stark's specialty armors.

Avengers was near-perfect, but I heard someone suggest his Mark 7 suit shouldve been gold, because he told Jarvis to "skip the spinning rims, we're on the clock." I was thinking that couldve been pretty cool.
I colorized this myself so its not pretty, but I think it shows how dope that Golden Avenger look couldve been.

Iron Man was great, but had its own flaws. Some of Stane's dialogue was awful.

Other than that, I think the movies were all good. I wouldve thrown slightly more action into all of them... but thats just me.
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Give Iron Man a REAL threat. The Mandarin looked like he was gonna... but yeah we all know how that turned out...

Stark needed a Joker, John Harrison (well judging by the trailer of ST he's gonna be a badass), Voldemort or a T-1000 to face against. Just a big ass threat that matched him. Looking at the sequels he managed to get through it all quite comfortably.

At NO point did I ever feel Tony Stark was ever in danger in the entire trilogy. I thought great way to end the trilogy would have been the Mandarin having a personal attack against Stark and pretty much destroying him piece by piece until it is just him in that snowy wilderness with a lone Iron Man suit. Great symmetry with the first film and would bring Stark down a peg. Yes that may have been done a few times before and would no doubt be compared to TDKR but it is SO effective when done well on screen.

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