Deathmatch Hype Deathmatch. R2 Match 5 NOFX vs jaguarr

Holly Goodhead

Jan 6, 2005
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Welcome to Hype Deathmatch!

Think MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, except with Hype posters. Each match will get its own thread and last 2 days. Whichever poster has the highest votes gets to move on to the next Round. Multiple votes by the same user on different names is allowed, but if the match ends in a tie...all multiple votes will be discounted to determine the winner.

Most of the players are picked from the first 5 pages of the Members List, well known posters/posters with high post counts/mods/trolls etc. Don't be discouraged, there's always Hype Deathmatch 2. :)

Game Outline:
Round 1: 50 players/ 24 matches => 24 winners move onto Round 2.
Round 2: 24 players/ 12 matches => 12 winners move onto Round 3.
Round 3: 12 players/ 6 matches => 6 winners move onto Round 4.
Round 4: 6 players/ 3 matches => 3 winners move onto Final 3-Way Match.
Final 3-Way Match: 3 players/ 1 match => 1 winner


Round 1.
Match 1. Wilhelm-Scream vs Equint77
Match 2. Venom Drool vs Sofa

Match 3. CConn vs Master Bruce
Match 4. Dr.Fear vs musclesforsupes vs J Alba's Lover

Match 5. Themanofbat vs PLAS
Match 6. Erzengel vs ShadowBoxing
Match 7. DOG LIPS vs The Amazing Lee

Match 8. Eric Draven vs kypade
Match 9. dpm07 vs HAL 9000

Match 10. Tukiluka vs Blight
Match 11. Jakesteraholic vs masteryoda vs Lackey vs CantThinkOfAName
Match 12. Master Chief vs The Last Meatbag
Match 13. DBella vs GunBlade

Match 14. Kipobe vs BrodieBruce

Match 15. pavlov's dogfood vs JoLiE_MeNdEz
Match 16. Childlike Wild vs twylight

Match 17. Outsiderzedge vs oakzap425
Match 18. Carter vs The Lumberjack vs hey yo its sean

Match 19. THWIP* vs jaguarr
Match 20. Calvin vs Corinthian

Match 21. NOFX vs Jplaya2023
Match 22. Matt vs TheAlmightyFuzz

Match 23. The Incredible Hulk vs Joseph_Freefall
Match 24. (2nd Chance Match) Equint77 vs Kipobe

Round 2 (Random Picks)
Match 1. DOG LIPS vs DBella
Match 2. The Lumberjack vs Sofa

Match 3. twylight vs musclesforsupes
Match 4. Outsiderzedge vs masteryoda

Match 5. NOFX vs jaguarr
Match 6. Tukiluka vs JoLiE_MeNdEz
Match 7. Master Bruce vs Kipobe
Match 8. Eric Draven vs Wilhelm-Scream
Match 9. Themanobat vs Master Chief
Match 10. BrodieBruce vs Joseph_Freefall
Match 11. Erzengel vs dpm07
Match 12. Matt vs Calvin

Hmmm... this is a tough one. :(

I get it... she's looking inside their vaginas
Portia de Rossi is so much better than Anne Heche. :down
I voted for Jag but I wanted Portia de Rossi.:(
We all want Portia de Rossi.
I voted for jag because he would catch feelings if I didn't. :(:up:
DOG LIPS said:
I voted for jag because he would catch feelings if I didn't. :(:up:

Satan cat makes me catch feelings :(
This is like asking which do you like more, having an intimate moment with a special someone or being touched by an uncle. I will leave you to decide which is which.
Erzengel said:
This is like asking which do you like more, having an intimate moment with that special someone or being touched by an uncle.

What if that special someone is your uncle.:confused:

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