Hype Survivor: Mods vs Members - Day 14: All Good Things....


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Aug 9, 2000
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It started 41 days ago. For the first time in Super Hero Hype! history, SHH mods came to square off against some of the site's top members in the most epic arena of all....HYPE SURVIVOR!

This clash of the titans began with twenty two warriors doing battle:


The competition was fierce. Throats were slit. Backs were stabbed. Blood spilled, both blue and red. One by one, mod and member alike fell...until only two remained....


Now their fate lies in the hands of those whom they have destroyed....Who will emerge victorious? All will soon be revealed....Welcome to the Hype Survivor: Mods vs Members finale!

One Mod remains. One Member remains. However there can only be one.....

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Two Hype Survivor legends are squaring off, I could not think of a better finale.

So...I am still waiting on a couple of jurors to submit questions. I'll give them until the morning and if I hear nothing, I'll assume that they have nothing to say and send them to the players. In the mean time, the finalists can begin work on their closing statements (which you should include with your answers).
Congrats on making it to the end fellas.
I'd like to point out that I step on spiders for hobby. Just so everyone knows and stuff.
Before the game concludes, let me just say I had a lot of fun playing the game, and I am really excited to have gotten this far in the game. It's more than I could have hoped for going into the game to have a 3rd shot at winning :)
This was definately a different sort of game for me that I didn't think would work out in my favor (more on that in my speach) but it's definately been fun. Thanks Matt and Hunter and everyone who's played with us :up:

And remember, vote Jewhob final 2 :p
I am building up anticipation. Questions coming to you guys tonight. :woot:
Tonight is good as my daughters' open house is soon and I should be back for it. But not too late, I retire at 10:30.
Remind me, should we answer questions and post our speaches here or PM them to the hosts?
Jury questions….


JewishHobbit said:
Here's my answers. I worked on my speech while at work and saved it on my thumbnail drive... then I left it at work. I'll see if I can swng by and get it later tonight. If not, I'll have it tomorrow.

SML28 said:
My one question to both is: Why should he win & my question to SF is: Did he sleep when it was time to do the voting during the final four? :oldrazz:

I believe I should win because I took a dangerous strategy and stuck with it straight to the end. Playing weak and throwing challenges was guarenteeing that I would never be immune from eviction. I did this though to appear weak, keep the target off my back, and to look more appealing as a final 2 opponant. I had to work an amazing social game to keep myself from being a target as well and I did that wonderfully. And the only challenge that I wanted to win, the only challenge that matters, I won and I won big. I was a strong participant the whole game despite appearing weak, partipating in evey challenge and strategic conversation between my allies. I played not only a strong game but a strategic and noble one as well.

Kal said:
JH- What did you do in this game that sets you a part from SF?

SF played a traditional game whereas I played a different, more dangerous game that could have gone wrong in so many ways. That fact that no one called me on it and that it went flawlessly shows that I did it to perfection. I wasnt worried about building a "wins" resume as much as playing the strategic and social angle and getting myself to where I needed to be. Final 2. Mission accomplished. I wasn't backed into final two and no one had to bring me. I got there myself.

ComicChick said:
here's my first batch.

to both:
why should your opponent win?

If SF is to win its because he played a hard game and is very deserving. He won plenty of challenges, made all the right calls regarding evictions, and made the right allies. SF played a good game :up: And good god the man needs at least one win under his belt. I'm hoping the next one... but still... eventually.

why should you win?

Because my game was more difficult than SF's. Anyone can win challenges. Everyone wins challenges. I played the dangerous angle as I've said before and played it to perfection. I think how strongly I won the final challenge is evidense that I was holding back in previous games and painted myself as the lesser target than other players, SF included. As far as strategizing evictions SF and I were together on them all. It all comes down to my strategy and his wins in my opinion and I believe my strategy was greater than his wins.

what was your biggest accomplishment in this game?

Earning my way into the final 2 and not being brought into it by someone else.

favorite challenge?

Hmm... I probably liked the wolf/sheep challenge the most. Craig was fun to work with and I had the extra fun of trying to throw it without letting Craig know. My main plan there was leaving you alive since you knew Craig and I were wolves before the challenge was restarted. I was hoping you'd guess early and get me out but sadly it didn't happen and Craig got out before me. I was rooting for him to outlast me and win though.

what, if anything did you differently this game to get yourself where you are?

I have always played strategic games but I've never attempted to play weak. You know that's not my style. I didn't think it woud work but as it turns out it did. And it ended up being more fun than I expected.

any regrets?

Having to vote Byrd out so early.I wish I could have pulled him into our alliance to give him a fair chance of winning but I just couldn't figure out how to do it.

Also, I worry I won't be able to make the jury see the depth of my strategy. I'm afraid they will see it as just playing lazy when that isn't at all true. It took a lot of work to make it happen.


Spider-Fan said:
Do you want my concluding statement now too? Or can I wait on submitting that because Show's question isn't in? Here are the answers to these ones (in bold).

Matt said:
Okay fellas....here's the scoop. I have nothing from Parker. Showtime's are coming at some point (hopefully within 12 hours) and I will get those to you. But for now you can get a start on them....

Here we go....

Craigdbfan said:
7:00 PM est time on Monday. Thanks jurors. :up:
I don't really have a question or comment to say. I already have in mind who I'm voting for.

That's an easy question, LOL!

SML28 said:
My one question to both is: Why should he win & my question to SF is: Did he sleep when it was time to do the voting during the final four? :oldrazz:

LOL! I am like Skynet, I never sleep :hehe:

Am I being asked should I win or JewHob? I answer both in CC's question, but to summarize this is my 3rd trip to the finals. I have a strong track record in Survivor, but I am missing just a victory on it. This is the first game in which I reached the finals I feel confident I was the person who should win. Against CC and Kal, I knew it was an uphill battle and that mistakes were made. In this game, I don't feel I made many mistakes and I played a strong strategic and challenge game. JewHob played a great game and is a champion in his own right. I am not disrespecting JewHob at all. He and I have a similar style of play, so I can see why he should win. But in this particular game, I just feel I was slightly better. I didn't coast to make the finals. I earned it despite all disadvantages I had. I feel really good about my game, win or lose.

Kal said:
SF- Lets face it. You don't have the greatest reputation in this game, but you did things differently in this one. So my question is, tell us what you learned from the past games and how it changed the way you approached this one?

JH- What did you do in this game that sets you a part from SF?

It's funny because I feel I was able to play my normal game in certain respects, but I was able to allow things to unfold on their own as well. The biggest difference I feel between previous games and this one was the fact I didn't react or jump the gun too early. If I had questions about what a particular player did or was doing, the game played out and revealed them for me. Several times in the game, I was apporached with potential plans against me/JewHob. In previous games, I would have got paranoid and done something to take everyone out immediately. This game, I tabled my suspicions and waited to see what happened in the game. By doing this, the game made things more clear and dictated my best course of action. I also used to get into arguments and slip myself up easily. I was just far more mature this game, and didn't take things too seriously. It freed up my mind and got me where I wanted to be.

And finally, CC who really drilled you guys...

ComicChick said:
here's my first batch.

to both:
why should your opponent win?

For the same reasons I should. JewHob and I played similar games. He just applied his game to the players side, while I was doing the same with the mods (in the early portion of the game I mean). JewHob is an accomplished player and his record speaks for itself.

why should you win?

I think I played the better game. JewHob and I played similar strategies, yes. But, I performed better overall in the individual challenges (I won more of them and placed higher in most of them)and in one double elimination in particular (the one in which we only had 1 vote but 2 were leaving), I helped get people on board with voting really before JewHob got to comment. While JewHob and I accomplished many of the same things, I just feel like I did slightly better.

what was your biggest accomplishment in this game?

I think my biggest accomplishment was finding a way to get here. Entering the game, I had many disadvantages. I go to school full time and work 30-40 hours a week. I don't get days off, and I had a ton of social obligations throughout the game as well. On top of that, I am an infamous player who made finals last game he played. I had a lot going against me, yet I still found a way to get here. I am pretty proud of that.

favorite challenge?

Probably the Cry Wolf one. I had fun playing that. Plus, I got to figure out who the last wolf was ;p

what, if anything did you differently this game to get yourself where you are?

I let the game play itself more and didn't take it as seriously. This cleared my mind so much. I also didn't take on as many allies this game as I have in the past. I think it helped me stay in the background more, which for the infamous player I am was a very good thing.

any regrets?

Yes. The double elimination in which craig left the game. Craig, you have no idea how bad I felt. Right after I pm'ed you about your suggestion to vote for ourselves, Kal and JewHob came to me about voting for you, though it didn't surprise me. I figured that was what would happen. I didn't want it to happen, but Kal and JewHob were not going to do anything else. I waited until the last moment I could to vote, and I nearly didn't vote for you, but I ended up caving. I can't apologize enough for that particualr vote out, and I don't seek to remove blame from myself. I cast the vote, and I own it. All I can say is I am sorry and hopefully we're still bros.
Closing statements….


JewishHobbit said:
I’d like to begin by apologizing for the length of this speech… my hobby is writing novels after all. Please bear with me.

I was cautious when Matt asked me to play this season because I knew that my time would be limited. I agreed, however, because of my love of the game and because I still dream of that coveted 2-win record that so few have achieved. Those who have played with me know that I love playing mind games, testing allies, and controlling as many aspects of the game as I can. Frankly put, I love the strategic aspect of the game. Knowing my time was limited I questioned if I could play such a game, so I went into day one uncertain on how I would approach it.

As it turned out there were three previous winners (CC, Kal, and Byrd), one of them (Byrd) and I had a falling out in the previous game and I’ve had some challenging times with CC as well. I saw that SF had signed up to play and while he hasn’t won a season yet he’s definitely one of the best currently playing. Then I saw that there were quite a few newer players for the more experienced people to play with and I realized right away that I had no idea where I was going to fall.

So I made a call. As I’ve stated before in the thread, I’m a huge fan of the show Big Brother and my favorite player of all time is a guy named Dan. He won his challenge with a strategy that I never cared to try… but I adopted it this game: The Art of the Throw. Against so many talented players and knowing that my time would be more limited than usual my strategy was to appear as weak as possible, so I decided early on to throw every single challenge. I participated in every challenge and gave significant effort so that people would know that I wasn’t just floating by on someone else’s coat tails but I made sure I came up shy of winning each time. The only challenge I intended on winning was the last one, and I did just that.

This served for two purposes. First, I hoped that it would put a larger target on the players who were winning, and seeing Kal targeted so much after his 3 challenge win streak shows me that it was working. If I’m remembering correctly I was only voted against twice this whole game (and not in the same week), which is actually very good. That tells me that my plan worked and I was never the primary threat. My second purpose for throwing challenges was to appear as weak as possible so that others would take me to the finals for an “easy” victory. Fortunately, this was unnecessary as I got to the final 2 on my own.

So that was my strategy going into the game… now for the alliances aspect. I knew that if I was going to be displaying Dan’s “The Art of the Throw” I would need strong players to take the bullets along the way. So the first thing I did was agree to an alliance with SF and Kal. Once that was set up I contacted the two players who I feared and worried would target me, CC and Byrd. I worked out any differences we might have had and formed alliances with them as well. My goal was to merge SF, Kal, CC, Byrd, and I into one big alliance and to appear as the weakest link, lining up the biggest targets in one alliance. We’d either run the game or I’d make it a lot farther than the others and I’d be alone with the newer players, which I felt comfortable with. Sadly, Byrd wasn’t able to get into that alliance and when he targeted Kal I had to choose between alliances. I didn’t want to but it’s the name of the game, and I chose the stronger alliance for my own Survival. Sorry, Byrd.

Knowing that this was a Mod vs. Member game, I also had to build relationships with Members. I had Byrd but two people alone wasn’t going to go far, and as former champions I assumed we would be targeted. So I quickly made witty banter and built friendships with the members, specifically DACrowe and SML. (Do note: I always agreed to work with these two people but I never actually agreed to align with them or to take them to final 3 or anything of that nature. I knew that I was going to have to eventually cut them and I didn’t want to break my word… so I didn’t give it.) knew that SML was with CC so I felt pretty secure with her. Crowe didn’t seem to be with anyone but he proved to be a good ally and I decided early to take him as far as I possibly could. SML had been a stronger ally and I had every intention of trying to get her to final 5 so that she had a chance to make it further. She had been very loyal to CC and I and had played a fantastic game. I knew that she was closer to CC than I (I judged from an early conversation with CC) but that didn’t bother me. When she and CC were swayed away from us by Parker (according to CC… and kudos to Parker on that one by the way) I was polite and approached them both, breaking our connections. I wasn’t sneaky about it, it was face to face. It wasn’t anything personal and I hope it didn’t come across as such, but the line had been drawn and I chose to remain with the allies that had remained true, SF and Kal.

The last person who I had a connection with, I feel, came late in the game. Craig and I were paired together as sheep in the Wolf/Sheep challenge and he seemed like a good guy. I was glad that he was working with SF, and therefore, with us. When CC and SML turned I was actually pretty happy to substitute Craig in their place. For selfish purposes, I felt it would be easier getting by Craig in the final 4 than CC, but also because you seldom have the opportunity to reward side alliances in such a way as taking them to the final four with you. In this game, side alliances are often cut in the final 5-7. Sadly, SML’s winning the challenge broke our plan and we had to let him go during final 5. I was happy to see SML make it to final 4, as she really had been a good ally prior to the betrayal and I like her a great deal. She deserved the spot as much as Craig, but our intent at that time was to take Craig. His plan to let fate decide which of the four of us to send home by voting for CC and ourselves was a noble and respectful one, but one I couldn’t get behind. Do note: Of Kal, SF, and I… I was the only one who didn’t agree to do this and then go back on my word. (Sorry SF and Kal :) )

And so, that was pretty much the gist. I decided to give a false impression of weakness to keep the target on other people while allying with strong players to control the votes and keep myself safe. I attempted to win only one challenge, the final one, and succeeded, getting myself into the final 2. My core alliance was SF, Kal, and CC… and later Craig in CC’s place, and my side alliances were SML, DACrowe, and Byrd. Sadly, I had no connection to Parker and have little to say on his game play but I will admit to being impressed with his breaking up the core 4 alliance. It didn’t quite pan out for him but impressive nonetheless. With this only being his second game (I believe) I see some real potential there. The only other person in the jury is Showtime, who I also had little connection with. I will say though that I was greatly impressed with him during the first few rounds of the game. He was a big contributor during the first few competitions, so much that I actually mentioned to my allies at one point that we need to either ally with him or get rid of him quickly because he had the potential to be a big threat to us. So Show, take that as a compliment toward how impressed I was with you.

So that’s it. SF and I played together from day one, made all the calls alongside our allies, and ran the game as good players try to do. I played a more subtle game and he played a more traditional one, winning challenges and building a resume. Now it’s up to you, the jury, to decide which game play should be rewarded with the title of victor. Here’s hoping it’s me :up:

Vote Jewhob final 2 :p

And Spider-Fan!

Spider-Fan said:
This is my 3rd trip to the finals. So I won’t waste anybody’s time with the usual sucking up or anything like that. I’m gonna be straight with everyone. I’m not gonna suck up or anything for votes. I will only give you my side of the game.

I’ve done just about everything you can do in Survivor. I have been a juror, a finalist, co-host, and host. My first game I finished in the top 3, and finished in 2nd in my next game after that. I’m happy with my Survivor career, and I never thought when I started playing these games just how successful I would eventually be. However, there is a glaring omission in my resume’: I have never won a Survivor game.

When I signed up for this game, I will honestly say I had no idea how well I would perform. Last game I played, I made the finals. Normally, that puts an immediate bullseye on you and places you at a disadvantage. My normal game is to organize a core alliance prior to the game beginning, but we were all courted secretly so I couldn’t do that. When I saw the list of players, I saw my two most likely allies, Kal and JewHob, on the opposite team of me. I also have an extreme disadvantage because I am one of the game’s most infamous players. Just look up my first 2 trips to the finals, and you will see just how low of an opinion people have had of me.

But despite those disadvantages, I found myself some allies and got myself into a good position in the game sooner than I expected. Going into this game, my goal was to be more of a snake in the grass. Let someone else go around for the votes and just bide my team. I chose that strategy because of my goal to stay out of the spotlight (hence why I didn’t post much in the thread) and make people forget I was around. It was also by necessity since I have been really struggling hard balancing my filmmaking classes and 30+ hours of work at same time. However, no person on my first tribe was establishing a majority in the tribe, so I had to sneakily see about doing that (which I did with much less noise than any other game I played).

Having the experience that I have now, I see things so much more clearly. I have changed over the course of my days in Survivor. When I first made finals against CC, I was new to the game and made many mistakes along the way that led to me losing the game. I started getting careless, and hosting allowed me to clear my head, and I learned something about priorities. Against CC, I took winning too seriously. It became my all encompassing goal, and made me a jerk. My last game, which brought me back to finals, was a much better game. I didn’t get a victory, but I still feel good about my decision to take Kal to the finals (despite the fact he won) because my loyalty to Kal was more important.

That said, I want to win this game, and feel I should. I strongly feel I played the best game. I played the alliance end of the game as well as JewHob did (as we heavily coordinated our efforts together), and I performed better in the challenges (particularly the jury rounds). I am overall happy with the game I played. Like I stated in the Q & A, my only regret is what happened to craig. Like I said earlier, I own up to what happened and regret what happened a lot.

In conclusion, I came into this game with many disadvantages, many commitments to adhere to outside of the realms of SHH, yet I managed to play a good strategic and challenge game. I am one of the few players to win multiple immunities in individual rounds and finished in second place in many other challenges. I’ve done so much in Survivor, and reached the finals more than most players ever do, but I still haven’t been crowned Survivor champion. Success in a single game is a fluke, but when you continually make it this far, it’s no longer a fluke. I don’t expect to be the most liked player, and I am not going to suck up to people so that people like me and vote for me. I am being straight and honest. I want to win this game, and I feel I should. So, if you feel the same way, vote for me
Alright, the final tribal council PMs have been sent. Now all we can do is wait....
I didn't read all of that. Good luck fellows :up:
wow there are some egos in this final lol

i wish more people asked questions
I think you both did a great job:up:

That was a lengthy response from Jewhob but interesting to read as an outsider. I don't normally like someone throwing challenges. However JewishHobbit gave a convincing argument for it. He knew he'd be a target going into the game based off his history but found a way to deflect that. Of course you'd have to play a really strong social game for that to work.
Spider-fan also knows the game well and deserves his spot. It's interesting that he was also trying to keep a low profile. I think his game looks straight forward from the outside. So , yeah I'm curious to see who wins. Also interesting this actually came down to a mod versus a member.
As the third member of the Fearsome Foursome, I got the inside look behind the scenes. Although they both played a great game, I believe SF played a better all around game . They played a wonderful social game, but SF was better on the challenges side of it. No offense to JH.

I also wanted to personally apologize to Craig. I was the one that came up with the idea to vote you out and had to work very hard to convince SF to go along with it. In the end he agreed, but only because of the final three promise he made to me and JH.

Good luck to both finalists. My vote has been cast.
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wow there are some egos in this final lol

We have to. If one of us appeared weak the other would eat him alive :(

bullets said:
Also interesting this actually came down to a mod versus a member.

That was the first thing I thought of when I won the last challenge, how perfect that it came down to one mod and one member.

Kalel114 said:
As the third member of the Fearsome Foursome, I got the inside look behind the scenes. Although they both played a great game, I believe SF played a better all around game . They played a wonderful social game, but SF was better on the challenges side of it. No offense to JH.

I also wanted to personally apologize to Craig. I was the one that came up with the idea to vote you out and had to work very hard to convince SF to go along with it. In the end he agreed, but only because of the final three promise he made to me and JH.

Good luck to both finalists. My vote has been cast.

As I expected so no hard feelings :up:
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Alright, the final tribal council PMs have been sent. Now all we can do is wait....


Did you give any kind of time limit? Just curious to know if you will try and let us both be online when the results are announced.
im not biased, but that game grid, the pre jury one, might be one of my favorite survivor grids

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