Hype Survivor: Mods vs Members - Day Eight: LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


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Aug 9, 2000
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Welcome to day eight. So the merge has claimed its first casualty and it is none other than Master Bruce. He played a good game for a newbie, tried his hardest in the challenges and what not. But alas, the challenges are only one half of the Hype Survivor experience and while he may have had Batman's challenge savvy, Brucie certainly lacked his strategic prowess. Perhaps he should've paid more attention to the section on strategy in.....


The Game

Hype! Survivor is a game of strategy, deception, and skill. Alliances are both permitted and encouraged. Make no allies or make many allies, it's all up to you. There are many different ways to win this game. Masterminding, forethought, and hard work are the keys to success. Laziness and ineffective play will both be exposed and punished. Although being lazy may be a strategy, not participating at all is not. If the players and hosts feel at any time that a certain player is no longer participating, they can be removed from the game without warning.

As a side note: alliances can be with any of the players. It doesn't matter who they are nor what tribe they're on, just make sure it's someone you trust...or not. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!


Each tribe (or individual) will receive an immunity challenge for each game “day.” Instructions for challenges will be explained for each challenge. Some challenges may require judging, some may be trivia, some may be skill. Expect a variety for your playing pleasure. The tribe (or person) who does the best, wins immunity and is therefore safe from elimination that round.

Tribal Council

During the team portion of the game, the tribe who performed best at the end of the 'immunity challenge' (or round) wins immunity. The losing tribes will then go to “Tribal Council” and vote to eliminate 1 player from the game. They will be able to eliminate ANYONE from one of the losing tribe of the immunity challenge. Only the losing tribe gets to vote. The player with the MOST VOTES is removed from the game.

In the case of a tie at tribal council, there will be a tie-breaker challenge between the players with the most votes. The winner of the tie-breaker will determine who stays. During the solo portion of the game a tie-breaker challenge will also be used. The player who does the best on the tie-breaker will be allowed to stay, the other player will be eliminated.

In order to have your votes counted, please send them to both Matt and Hunter Rider. Please do NOT send your votes in to any other name. You will only have one chance to vote. There will be no changing your vote once your vote is cast. Vote carefully! If you do not send in a vote in the given time frame, IT WILL COUNT AGAINST YOU. Meaning, it will be a vote for yourself.


Your hosts have gone to great lengths to ensure fairness. Merges, shuffles, and so on have been set in place. Only the hosts will know about these days in advance. There will be additional twists and turns throughout the game, so do not get too cozy.

At times, individual judgment calls will need to be made. We understand that players will not always see eye-to-eye with hosts. HOWEVER, the hosts word is final. There will be no negotiating hard and fast rules, but all cases will be fairly heard. Rest assured, hosts will be fair and neutral at all times and work with one another to come up with optimal solutions to your problems.

Furthermore, there are additional rules (for the host's eyes only). These have been set in place to help us with matters that may or may not arise. Please consult hosts before assuming anything. They may be able to help you out if you have a question.


The final Jury will be composed of seven people (everyone voted off from the remaining nine players who didn't make the finals). The Jury will then vote FOR WHO THEY THINK SHOULD WIN of the final two remaining players so we can crown the winner of the Hype! Survivor.


A note on cheating: It's very easy to cheat in this game. Very, very easy. Some of the rounds will be much more difficult to cheat at than others (some will be downright impossible to cheat on). Regardless, hosts have ways of catching you and sometimes will even set up traps for you. If you feel you have to cheat, by all means, go ahead. But, if you're caught, you WILL be penalized. Again, specific rules of what's legal or not will be in each challenge PM.

One thing that is certainly NOT lawful under any circumstances is sharing usernames. Hosts have the ability to check IPs, and if you are caught sharing usernames then a severe penalty will be handed out. Please be mindful of only using your OWN username for this game.

Team Forum

During the team portion of the game, all tribes will have their own subforum. This is where they can brainstorm on all challenges and leave notes for the rest of their team. Each of these will require a password to use. The password will be changed every time someone is eliminated from your tribe. Each team member will be given the password to their own forum. However, these is no rule against sharing passwords with other teams. That is a legitimate strategy, and all players should be weary of it.

Team Captain

A team captain will be chosen before the start of each new challenge. The team captain is responsible for submitting challenge answers or tasks. If they cannot do so during that time frame, they must post who will do so in their team forum or by sending a pm to BOTH hosts.


I know mods have certain abilities they can't turn off. But, do not use mod powers to your advantage. This includes using the washroom, IP tracking, etc. Ask me to do all that stuff. Abuse of mod powers will be punished.


Whilst these rules are set as the guidelines for this game, each challenge will set the rules for that specific day. What may be cheating one day, may not be another day. Reading is fundamental. Make sure you familiarize yourself with this information, and those in the challenges as well. Please note that at times an announcement might be needed to amend the existing rules of this game, or the rules in the challenge. Please look for these and note them. Each day is marked by a new challenge.

Let's look at the big board in order to mourn the broken Bat....


So as for today's challenge....only one thing to say:

PMs will be sent shortly. :yay:
So, basically a rehash of a challenge we've already done?

So, basically a rehash of a challenge we've already done?


Shut up Byrd, this is an entirely different type of game. Just because they are both online games doesn't mean that they are the same.
But it's the same basic challenge. Play a game, take a screenshot of it, highest score wins.
You can say that for any challenge. "You do something creative, judges rate it, highest score wins." "You get trivia questions, you answer them, highest score wins." So on and so forth.

Plus, forgive me if I'm not a bit more inspired to put together really elaborate challenges when I spent three hours putting together a court room challenge only to have the mods decide not to play. :argh:

But don't worry, our next one is big and new and intricate so I figured we'd go with something simple leading up to it.
....:dry: I can't even get that stick figure to move...& yes, I read the instructions of the game.
I swear lower is better. I got higher scores with awful perfomances, and bad ones for brilliant ones on all 4.
The game keeps track of former scores and the "best total," is the higher one.
Like good ole Jack Burton always says, "It's all in the reflexes".
I'm horrible at this game. I haven't even managed to launch off the pole.
Well on the bright side you managed to get off the pole. ;)
someone play this for me and get me a high score, i'll hook you up with something
Alright, here are our results!

Spider-Man Luvr28



AND WITH THAT SCORE, KAL PULLS THE HAT TRICK AND WINS HIS THIRD IMMUNITY CHALLENGE IN A ROW! An impressive feat that has rarely been matched in Hype Survivor. Congrats Kal.

Tribal council PMs will be sent shortly.
Some people just feel too comfortable sometimes. I would impose a "lowest score gets booted" clause if I started getting no shows.
i didn't get to submit my terrible score due to work. it wasn't a no-show. it was a
i-work-for-the-government-and-have-no-computer-access type of thing

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