Hype Survivor presents Blood & Soil

The score is epic.. Also great review Stygian Emperor despite your apparent dislike for my directorial efforts.
I saw this movie too. Good movie. Had some few directing errors, but still a solid job.

An Excerpt From a Review of Blood & Soil:

This movie changed my life. A 20-year career in film criticism, and I feel like I have spent a lifetime wading through filth in search of this single pearl. Schindler's List, Citizen Kane, The Godfather... all these and more turgid turds in comparison to the sheer might and splendour that is Blood & Soil. I must admit, I ****ed in my pants a little during the third act. Go to the cinema now. Take your children. If they don't want to go, kill them. You can have new children, ones who will have good taste and appreciate this piece of filmmaking genius. The greatest film of all time.

- Horatio Bleurgh, The Daily Hyperbole

When bunnies make people ****... they're usually in magazines with ears on. :)
This is my favorite :up:


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