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I am considering putting a Documentary together


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Jul 15, 2008
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Hello hype.

Starting in September I will be applying for major design firms around the world and I have spent quality time making a portfolio and it's essentially finished.

To cut to the chase, a lot of the firms require a "15-30 minute film" that can either be purely real or animated, and I am thinking of getting a documentary going because of how I can overall design the entire thing and tell a significant story.

As a kid, I always a deep love for the Kongfrontation and Jaws rides at Universal Orlando, and I am thinking of doing a short documentary on those two subjects on how they were built, how they were received, why they closed down, and how they still live on our hearts.

Now I want to take this idea seriously, and I spent a semester dedicated to film and production in art school last year.

Has the hype had any experiences or tips with the subject. Thanks :)

- CfS

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