I am taking my wife to see Rachel Ray

ang_hulk said:
shes losing it slowly,the bit with her husband and the flack she gets for her show and her running out of 30 minute meals,shes prolly going to break down and mabey take a vacation.I never thought she was that great a chef and often times her 30 minutes meals really had no place on the network,you could tell it was 30 minutes and often her quick methods of cooking ruined the meats in the dish.I always considerd her a breakdown waiting to happen,she,like most female chefs have a bad temper and often dont work well with most chefs obviously better then them.I couldent work with the women,i hate female chefs as it is but im sure shed be nuts in bed.I think her being couped up in the mountains gets to her now that things are rocky with her husband.
whats the bit with her husband?
nm i just found out he's cheating on her because he has a secret fetish to be spit on and shatted on as well..ewww

lol that reminds me of those mad tv oprah skits where she turns into the anitchrist.
Equint77 said:
i'm sorry... i'm totally in love with Rachael Ray, but i just laughed so hard at this.
all i could think was "Looks like someones been using Brand Xssssssss"

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