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I bear bad news for our community of role-players


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Apr 2, 2004
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Today, Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons, passed away. Without his contribution, I doubt these forums would be here today. D&D defined role-playing games and made "playing pretend" something that adults can do as well as children. I think we should all at least pay a small tribute to one of the men who made these games possible.

RIP Gary. Thank you for making something that I've enjoyed for so long. The next orc I kill is dedicated to thou.
Nerds! :cmad:

Oh, wait. You're right about all that stuff, thanks for creating RPGs :up: RIP
Damn, man. I've been playing D&D for years, and never really gave much of a thought about the guy behind it.

RIP to the Stan Lee of table-top gaming.
I've never even played D&D, but I do know how big his contributions were. RIP. :csad:
R.I.P Gary Gygax.
Dueling Analogs has this webcomic as a tribute to him:


RIP man, thank you for inventing what I spend a good chunk of my time doing. :up:

(RPing not D&D, pfft. D&D is for total nerds man :whatever:)

JOKE!! Don't kill me! I have nothing against D&D players!
Wow, ****ty news. I guess he finally rolled a 1. :o :csad:

Thanks for creating the game that led to all of this, GG. You will be missed. :up:
Penny Arcade's tribute:

I remember when I was living in Hawaii and playing D & D for the first time in 1981....and playing on Friday Nights in 1994 the year after I graduated college...we started at 10pm and usually ended somewhere between 3 & 6am...those were good times.

RIP, Gary. How'd he die, was it old age or did he have medical complications? I won't be able to rest easy if I don't know whether or not Gary Gygax's passing was a painless one.

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