"I cheated on my income tax!" - Will Arnett is Vernon Fenwick

I am on the Will Arnett bandwagon lately. Dude makes me laugh.
Well the cartoon is probably the most remembered version of the TMNT. So taking bits from it, much like the IDW comics, will allow a decent mix of stuff. It'll also spark that little nostalgia that's fizzing in the back of peoples heads. They'll see Vernon and link it to watching the cartoon as a kid, tricking them into enjoying the film more.

I'm not so sure I agree, it's not something that has regularly rerun anywhere until recently and even if it were I'm not so sure that putting things in a movie just for nostalgias sake is a good strategy. It's not like anyone is suggesting the proposed Justice League movie have the Wonder Twins or the Hall of Justice.

Even then picking a minor tertiary character like Vernon that fans barely remember - and not just for a cameo but as a main role while leaving out fan favourites like Bebop and Rockstead negates any defence that this will play on nostalgia especially when it's been confirmed that he's not going to act at all like Fred Wolf version of Vernon and is now something of an action man. Makes me wonder whats the point other than the wanted Will Arnett in the movie.
This is literally the only aspect of this film I am excited about.

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