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Jul 19, 2007
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About an unpublished Spider-Man graphic novel from the 80's that was supposed to have a major effect on Spider-Man's status quo afterwards.

It was written by Bob Layton with Paul Smith on pencils and Barry Windsor Smith inking (an interesting team to say the least). The story was about how Spider-Man goes up against the mob and gets shot several times making it (at the time) the first time he had to recover from a major injury. He would be helped by a mob wife and while he recovers, the two begin an affair. The climax of the story would have Spider-Man break off the affair when he is faced with a choice on whether or not to save her husband from a mob hit.

Now, this thing was actually green lit by then EiC Jim Shooter and after it's release was going to be followed up on in Spidey monthlies. It was to be a major turning point for the character but because of the delays by the art team, eventually Shooter was out and Tom DeFalco was in and he 86'd the entire idea. DeFalco felt this was too much of a major change in Spider-Man's life. It's funny how things turn out because the decision to have Peter and MJ marry came from up high and happened on DeFalco's watch. It was also something that Shooter and then Spidey shotcaller/editor, Jim Owsley, refused to allow to happen.

Here's the link to the article and in it is original artwork from the book and further links to Layton's blog with the full plot:

Now I know it's easy to goof on this and say things like Spider-Man HOMEWRECKER or The Real Mob Housewives of Forest Hills but I find this completely fascinating and surprised I've never heard of it before. This was around the time when I jumped into Spider-Man and now I wonder what could have been. I thought I knew all there was to that time period of Spider-Man but you find out something new everyday.

I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts, especially the longtime readers like TMoB and Spider-Gnome.
There was some talk back in the day, and I remember being excited... especially with that art team... but like many things that you "hear" from time to time, it gewts forgotten... and I haven't thought about it since reading your post...

Now I'm gonna click that link... :up:

Thanks for sharing...

Great information. This could be a great What If?
Spidey rules
This would have been an awesome graphic novel. Much better than that magical 'Hooky' crap. Shame it didn't happen.

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