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Jan 9, 2006
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I noticed Series 1 & 2, but are they any good? Is there going to be a series 3? Before I buy Deadshot or Green Arrow, I want to know that there's going to be Catman and Green Lantern.
1 was decent but 2 was downright awful. IMO. Turner's art doesn't translate well to figs. Green Arrow is bad looking too. The only ones worth getting would be Deadshot, hawkman and Captain Boomerang.
The guy with one eye(sorry not a DC man don't know the names and such) coming in series 1 looks downright badass. I might even get it.
That post there is the first I have ever heard of a third wave.
That's because I'm a moron and don't know what I'm talking about.
All the ones I've seen have been crap. I'll tell what else is crap JLA classified J'onn. God he's way too over muscled. Unmasked J'onn is a million times better
yeah i've seen all of these at the puzzle zoo. i was really dissapointed with them. sculpting is ****e, paintjob is ****e, and packaging is hideous.
I have the green arrow one.. It kindof sucks. the articulation is horrible on it :/ I bought the hawkman as well so im waiting on that hopefully it will be better :)
I thought the Flash wasn't too bad. That was the only one I bought.
Only one I bought was Deadshot for to "fill out" my Batman rogues shelf. He's decent.
Batman's part of this line right? It sucks that he's so freaking ugly. Turner draws one awesome bats, it's sad that the figure translates to crap.
Wasn't the Turner Batman in the yet unreleased Superman/Batman wave 2?
Turner Bats was in IC wave 2. The one in the Supes/Bats wave 2 will have that hover thing he used in that story arc and is also Turner based
Ah. When is S/B 2 coming out? I still want that Hoss of a Darkseid.
The Blue Beetle fig was just announced a week ago or so, and it's not coming out until 2007 in a "First Appearance" line. There's probably not gonna be any pics of it for at least a couple months. San Diego Comic Con may have a preliminary fig setup to give an idea of what it's gonna look like.
I just hope in the ReActivated line the re-release the Ted Kord Blue Beetle. I really want that figure.
I just hope in the ReActivated line the re-release the Ted Kord Blue Beetle. I really want that figure.

Same, I really want it but I don't wan't to pay 60 dollars for it :p
Me too. I think unless I get it through a trade I won't get it. I'm sick of the scalping

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