Justice League If Darkseid Is the Villain, what about the New Gods?


Sep 16, 2012
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Here's something I'm wondering...if WB decides to make Darkseid the villain, what should they do about the New Gods and their homeplanet New Genesis from storylines such as Jack Kirby's Fourth World?

Should they introduce this concept in the Justice League film or is it impossible to add this to the story?

If so, how would translate this story to the screen? And if not, what would you do to change Darkseid's story that removes the New Genesis but still faithful to the character?

I mean, is it even possible to have Darkseid without the New Gods(Not including the story from the New 52 I'm talking about if they want to adapt the older version of the character)?
I think if Darkseid and the New Gods are featured, it should be in a Justice League sequel, thats a lot of characters to introduce on top of the characters on the team.
The New Gods are fourth dimensional beings-- their world exists outside of ours, at the end of all time (that's how I'd explain it to movie audiences in one sentence).

There are two ways to introduce the New Gods (Darkseid included).

1. Build up to the JL feature with a Wonder Woman film and a Flash film; both introducing/exploring the concept of the Old/New Gods and the characters of Orion and Kalibak. Then we see Darkseid (and the Female Furies) in what would be the fifth movie in the continuity (following MOS, Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash).

2. Do a New Gods feature (or trilogy) while building up the Justice League world at the same time, and then do a crossover between the film franchises with Justice League or JL2.
With Guardians of The Galaxy doing astronomically well, how long until DC greenlights The New Gods?
Who Is Star-Lord’s Father?
The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY movie may be taking a very different path than the comics.
Devin Faraci said:
A geeky side-note: it would be amazing if the Eternals, a really lesser-known part of the Marvel Universe, made it to the big screen before the New Gods, DC's pantheon of cosmic beings. Jack Kirby created both, but he created the Eternals only after his Fourth World Saga at DC had been canceled. Thanos himself is more or less a knock-off of Kirby's Darkseid, and The Eternals picked up a lot of the thematic concerns Kirby had in his New Gods books. My sources tell me not to expect Darkseid in the DC movieverse until Justice League 2, so that means a Guardians 2 in 2017 would definitely have the Eternals beating the New Gods to big screens.
I wonder if we'll have Metron show up in the first JL to warn them about Darkseid.
I'll do a happy dance for hours if Orion is ever on film. He's one of my favorite comic characters ever.

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