The Dark Knight Rises If there was a 4th Nolan Batman movie, what would be the new Bat Vehicle?


Jun 5, 2011
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This thread is just for fun really, please don't ruin it by arguing if there will be a 4th one or not.

Say if there was. What would be the new vehicle for Batman (or Robin)? Assume that Nolan would introduce a new one.

What do you think it would be.

I would go with a Bat-Submarine.
New and improved Batmobile, maybe even a motorcycle for Nightwing/Robin.
A penny-farthing with bat pod cannons on the side.
He'd be a senior, in a rest-home, attempting to beat his fellow seniors to the cafeteria as the final pudding cup has almost been sold.

He attempts to use the bat-pod, but he's gotten to old to function it properly. He presses a few buttons to activate a setting similar to the initial bat-pod ejection from the tumbler. The parts that aren't need explode away and the bat-pod converts itself. Bruce Wayne sits on the newly transformed Bat-Wheelchair and races for the final pudding cup.
I want to see John Blake on a Whirly Bat. Maybe, like, when The Bat is about to blow up, it actually transforms and has a smaller escape vehicle fold out of it...The Whirly Bat. The Batpod of the skies.

We really should have just seen this in flashback in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES to explain a certain escape.
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He jumped the shark with the bat plane....might as well do the batboat.
The Leviathan. A mobile command unit that can drop into the water and become a submarine.
A modified Lamborghini. Keeping with the nolanuniverse
I think a very compelling arc can be made off of both Bruce and Blake battling radiation poisoning. Bruce neglects his doctoral visits because he has too much fun banging Selina, while the ever celibate Blake remains focused and determined to recover so he can don the Batsuit and start his new quest of superheroism. He even turns down a blow job from a nurse which highlights his rock solid qualities of virtue; this, of course is intercut with a torrid Bruce/Selina romp. At the end, Bruce is unable to rise (in more ways than one) and ultimately meets his doom while Blake RISES to take on the mantle and become the Dark Knight.

This could be the first superhero art film. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Rated R for nudity (Hathaway and Bale bears all!).
^ I think that's what the gliding wings are already for. Lol, that pic looks hilarious.

Like what's already said above, I'd say a modified Lambourgini Bat-Mobile or Bat Rollerblades.
This has been on the internet for a while


Give him a modified version of this as well


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