If,who of those directers do you accepted for a Bond movie ?

McTiernan, because Die Hard is one of the greatest action films ever, and he has experience in spy movies.
From that list, Campbell, McTiernan or Singer.

However, apart from that list, I'd really like to see Christopher Nolan do a Bond movie. He's a big fan of the series, and you'd be guaranteed to get a very gritty, character-driven piece; something I personally always prefer.
I always wondered how far Spielberg went in trying to direct a Bond film, if he ever actually had any contact with EON as far as his desire to direct. I can only imagine how it would have turned out...
I like to see Batman Begfins director Chris Nolan doing a Bond movie since his favourite 007 movie O.H.M.S.S. so I like kind of style of BB fitted to Bond movie if not John McTiernan is the best bet yet with he directed Pierce Brosnan in TCA so he direct Craig in CR sequel.
i think it'd be a good idea to give Michael Apted another go...
No love for Ridley Scott in that poll. Tragic. I think the man could make a very interesting Bond film.
I would choose Ridley Scott over any of the other directors anyday, loved Kingdom Of Heaven.
Get Campbell back. He knows how to do Bond. Just look at Goldeneye, then when he left, the franchise went downhill, then he comes back again to kick start it again, and it's amazing.

So Martin Campbell get's my vote.
Campbell made 2 Bond flicks and both are among the best of the franchise. Get him back onboard asap imo.

If not him, then I´d also go for a Nolan version of Bond (which you forgot to add to that list :p). Like the previous posters said, he´s a fan of Bond and I guess he could offer a new take on the series.
I prefer Campbell comes back, but if he doesn't I'd prefer someone not on that list. Maybe Scott, Bladerunner is one of my favorite films....but for some reason i don't equate him with Bond.
Campbell should stick to Bond...he has a nack for making interesting and quality Bond films.

he revived Bond with Goldeneye and just did an encore with Casino Royale.
Campbell for sure. He made two of my favorite Bond films, so why not stick with him?

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