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If you could own ANYTHING in the known Universe...

The Spawn

Better Than You
Aug 10, 2002
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...what would it be?

It can't be fictional or made up by the way...hence the disclaimer.
Everything in the known universe.
That'd be funny, you'd all have to rent everything from me...your tooth brush, your welcome mat, your love seat, wafflepress, the buttons on your shirt....I own it all, so you'd better not piss me off.

Oh no you din't try to establish a colony on the Moon. I own that s***.
A perfect, 8-octave range with belt, mix, operatic ability, and no breaks! :up:
I'd like to have complete ownership/control over my molecular structure, then I could pretty much do or be anything I wanted.
Only non legit thing in here is the power ring so far.
Lightsaber would be neat but I'm thinking small.
The power to make my imaginations reality upon command.
It's hard to go supernatural and fictional here :(.
But I'd own EA Games and Microsoft, and I'd own Penelope Cruz, but it'd be in a "Weird Science" kind a way, where she helps me get popular and throw parties, and I shower with her in my jeans.
A time machine so i can visit my Grandparents.
The Sun, then I would charge for it's use.
Total Consciousness. The Dalai Lama said I'd have it on my deathbed....but I want it now!!!!! :mad:

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