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If you could've visited the set of any comic book movie...

Chris Wallace

Jul 13, 2001
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which one would it be and why? And no negative remarks, like "I would go to the set of _____________ so I could kill the director/kill the star/stop production/teach them how to write a better script", etc.
Spawn so I try to talk to the director,producers, and writers to change it more to the comic way then their way
Batman Begins.

Walking through Gotham City would be the coolest thing ever.
Y'know what? I could've visited that set but I missed my chance.
Silver Sable said:
Spawn so I try to talk to the director,producers, and writers to change it more to the comic way then their way
1-they (seemingly) had Todd's approval.
2-apart from the changes in his powers, how did they deviate? I'm asking b/c I'm not a huge Spawn fan so I really don't know.
You always have a question for my answers don't you? :( :mad: :p ;)
:supes: movie set be a dream come true consider I'm such a fan :)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because I´m a big fan of the Turtle Power!!!!
TMNT? Interesting. Though I must admit when the movie first came out I was highly impressed.
The Punisher 2004. I'm a huge Punisher fan for almost 20 years now and I would want to see how Tom Jane was handling it at the time.
Batman Begins,for two reasons...

1)Walking into the world of which I've seen portrayed in comic book illustrations countless times would be the chance of a lifetime.On a certain day,If I'd look up,I'd see Batman,hanging above me.On another,I'd look over to see The Batmobile.I'd be floored.

2)...Katie Holmes. :o

There are more reasons,really.But we don't have that kind of time... :)
spidey movie, the exact set would have been the wrestling one, i think that would have been quite some fun.
The Batman Begins set.
I would have seeing all the locations, Chicago, Iceland, etc. to see how all things were made.
Silver Sable said:
It didn't.You just don't like my answers :(
Maybe I'm phrasing the question wrong; what major differences between the Spawn comic & the Spawn movie would you like to rectify?
Batman Begins

The Gotham City sets, the Cave, seeing The Tumbler...oh man. Hell, I would have just loved to be an extra, screaming like an idiot when everyone was scared of the 'Bat-Demon'.

Of course, I'd really like to get a peak at the sequel set.
Chris Wallace said:
TMNT? Interesting. Though I must admit when the movie first came out I was highly impressed.

Yeah me too,Chris.:up: :)

Even I think TMNT was the first work as actor for Sam Rockwell, he is a young member of the Foot Clan, and Elias Koteas was a perfect cast for Casey Jones, he looks in TMNT Movie very similar to Casey from cartoons.
I got lucky and visited the set of Spider-Man 2 when they were shooting a scene in New York in Theater Alley, which is right next to a Starbucks where the Brooklyn Bridge connects with Manhattan. I got to meet and talk with Chris Daniels the stunt man. He was extremely cool and dressed in some head gear doing wire-test jumps with a crane. Then, he came back out dressed as Spidey. They pushed all of us to the corner of the street, about 30+ feet away and we got to watch them shoot Spidey running down the alley leaping up in the air and posing as he is pulled up by the cable. It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life.

I would love to be on the set of any Marvel movie, after that experience.
I wish I could have been on the set of the FF movie. I am going to try to get on the set of Spidey 3 when they come back to NY.
FOr me it would be Spider-Man 2, simply because it's my all-time favorite movie.
Good question. I would love to visit the Man-Thing set, but I haven't read a lot of his comics. Only have read the prequel book. So I wouldn't go, unless I had a few questions to ask.

Spider-Man. Would ask about why the mechanical web-shooters aren't in the movie, the director's opinion about the mid 90's cartoon show on FOX, decision to have gone with the actors in the movie, why he always gives his brother a role in his films, and where all the money is going into the movie. :) then I have him and the crew sign a spider-man comic book or two. Could get some big dough for an autograph spider-man comic, with the director and stars signature on it...on e-bay. heh.

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