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I'm going to walk across Canada and the U.S.A.


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Jul 15, 2008
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Going to start a blog about this journey soon when things become a little more cement in the coming weeks.

My life story? Well hype, there is a lot I have kept from you, so I feel this will start maybe a little more closer bond to some of the users here that I wish i had. I am a recovering drug addict. Not saying what I took, but I am recovering and I wanted to do something with my life that will change me for the better.

I want to hitchhike across the US and Canada and every city and town I stop in, I will do a portrait of the city, and I don't care how long the portrait will take. I will then upload a picture everyday to my blog of each town/city.

To me, this is the ultimate in self preservation, a journey to my inner soul and brain, a test and experience i take in my art to become better, and to become one and one with mother nature and to appreciate her true beauty when I have never before.

I turn 19 in September, and I already completed my run at college. What does the hype think about this idea?
Also, if the hype did not know, I am graphic designer and a artist, so this is one hundred percent in my game.

Every portrait I do of every city will be donated to it's local charity for auction. So this isn't about money, this about making a change in every aspect of the word.
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I read a few stories of People moving through continents on foot or on bike for charity, and they survive it just fine, so I won't make fun of your plan

Be fully prepared, carry needed money, know the area, know how to detect and avoid muggers, con artists, and any sort of person who might harm you on the way, etc
What will your path be? From where to where? What cities are you going to?
I live by Toronto, so I will head down southern Ontario, then exit onto New york, Boston, all those cities. Then head down to Washington, and then cut across the states, then make my way down to L.A. and San Francisco.
Good luck. Watch out for wildlife and listen for banjos.
Avoid Kansas, place will amplify any depression you may have.

Also as you walk, for you:

Make sure you have the Lonely Man theme from Incredible Hulk queued up every time you hitchhike.
I was totally thinking this was a braincrusher thread too. :csad:
Good luck on your journey. Honesty. Don't get robbed. Don't get dead.

:o :up:
Good luck, little dude. I look forward to seeing how it all goes.
Eh... someone once walked around the whole world in 80 days. Not impressive if you can't match his accomplishments.

Jk. Sounds cool. Good luck.
Good luck man, sounds like quite an adventure.
Stay safe, be prepared, and be careful of the people you encounter. Also, as a recovering addict, be sure you don't put yourself in a situation where you'll possibly relapse. There's no telling about the people and places you'll be, so just keep that in mind.
Stay away from those middle-of-nowhere small towns in the desert. That's where people disappear.
What are you going to do for money? You'll need it for things like food and shelter. As a 19-year old college dropout, I don't imagine you have a lot of money.

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