I'm Speechless...

It wouldn't be soooooooooooooo bad, if it wasn't for the fact that every other lyric was THE EXACT SAME GODDAMN THING.
I can't imagine anyone made it through the entire song.
I got to about 0:40, then skipped to the place where my friend told me he shows the keyboard.
How in the hell did you endure 40 seconds of that crap? I made it about ten seconds.
I can't think of a witty reply, so I'll just go to bed.
Awesome! It's my new ring tone.
it needs to be made illegal to watch this video
Uhh isn't this kinda old?? :huh:
The guy was on kimmel MONTHS ago.
Should I feel dumb for not understanding the appeal?
Wow. You're impossibly late on this it's unbelievable. Might as well make a thread saying "OMG. Did you hear the news?? President Lincoln was killed!"
Silly Odiin, Lincoln wasn't President! John Wilkes Booth was President.. he was assassinated by traitor Abraham Lincoln, you know how I know that? I seen it on FOX.
This was horrible when I first watched it and now it is even worse.
Yeah, that's pretty old. I laughed at this after I saw the original though.
I don't think he repeated the line "Chocolate rain" often enough. Also, the lyrics should make less sense.
Every time I see this nonsense, it seems I hear something new. Apparently, Chocolate Rain "raises your neighborhood insurance rates". That bastard. :lmao:

Other than the inane lyrics, my favorite thing is how he breathes away from the mike every other bar or so. :up:
This was shown to me months ago!! Aren't kids today supposed to be at the cutting edge of such things?

I love the melody, though.

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