In which year should Star Trek 13 should be released?

2016! A new Star Trek Movie for the 50 Anniversary would be Perfect!
I fear they'll fast track the next one to compete with Star Wars.
I don't think they would do that. At best, we are gonna get the third film in 2016 and even if a Star Wars spin-off gets released in that year. They aren't releasing it just for the sake of competing with Star wars.
2016 for sure. But I wouldn't mind waiting until 2017 if Abrams had a scheduling conflict.
Exactly five years from now. The opening scene will be as follows:

KIRK: Whew! What a five-year mission that was!

BONES: You said it Jim! The things we've seen, the adventures we had.

UHURA: Everything that happened was so original and unexpected! Too bad we can't find the right words to express how original and unexpected our adventures were!

Awkward silence as the crew just stare at each other blankly for 5 seconds.

KIRK: Hey, look at the viewscreen. What's the deal with that alien probe shooting beams into Earth's oceans?

Cue opening credits.

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