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Apr 30, 2004
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I dont understand what kind of game this is? is it like marvel ultimate alliance?
Would like to have seen other characters besides Batman and joker.
I dont understand what kind of game this is? is it like marvel ultimate alliance?

That and World of Warcraft. It's a MMORPG made by Turbine, Inc., a subsidiary of WBIE and the maker of the "LOTR Online: Riders of Rohan" and "Dungeons and Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark" MMORPG's. Here's some game play footage in this trailer:

Would like to have seen other characters besides Batman and joker.

There is game info at their website. There will be the old familiar characters as well as new characters based on the New 52 multiverse. Here are a few:




Green Lantern (2814.1)


Gaslight Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel (Shazam), and Zatana
Surprised there's not more push of Superman, considering the movie will be out in like 3 months.
oh good some one made a thread for this. I didn't know where to put this if I had to do it cause they didn't really say what systems. Seeing it's MOBa I guess the pc section makes sense, but I wanted them to announce the systems

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Meet the newest Infinite Crisis champions: Nightmare Batman and Wonder Woman

(5 hours ago)
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You know what your problem is? You've been getting too much sleep. Don't worry, Infinite Crisis has got your back. The team introduced two new champions today, one of which is Nightmare Batman. Living up to his name, Nightmare Batman is pretty much the scariest thing we've seen all week. He's described as a "feral hunter" who ravages his opponents and whose life skill is "eternal hunger."

It's not all creepy claw-feet and soulless eyes, though: Infinite Crisis is also bringing in Wonder Woman. She's armed with godlike regeneration, a golden lasso, and an inherent tanky je ne sais quoi.

Skip below the cut to check out the champions' intro videos.

[Source: WB Games press release]
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Infinite Crisis video shines light on new Green Lantern champion

(2 hours ago)
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Another classic hero is joining the Infinite Crisis line-up, a selection of champions that already includes variations of Wonder Woman, Batman, the Joker, and much more. Today Turbine released a video introducing Green Lantern, the fighter pilot-turned-superhero who uses a ring of power to decimate his opponents. As a ranged blaster, Green Lantern is built for kiting; he has low mana cost for shelling out his intense damage and frequent disable attacks, but low movement speed to flee from melee fights.

The trailer highlights the hero's passive ability indomitable will, which increases power damage based on missing will and regains health whenever you earn a kill or assist. Also demonstrated are several attacks including slam, constrict, missile barrage, and Green Lantern's Light. Check out the moves in the clip after the break and hear tips how to get the most out of using this champion. And for a look at how the game plays, check out Massively's hands-on experience from GDC. Beta sign-ups are going on now.

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Infinite Crisis closed beta starts May 8

(4 hours ago)
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Wednesday, May 8th marks the start of Infinite Crisis' closed beta test. The new DC-centric MOBA is accepting signups now on its official website, and Turbine has released a bit of new art focusing on various multiverse Wonder Woman variants to celebrate the occasion.

Infinite Crisis will be free-to-play and feature "a deep roster of DC Comics characters clashing in fast-paced player-vs.-player battles," according to Turbine's PR machine. You can get a sneak peek at the game via's Massively's hands-on report from GDC 2013.

[Source: Turbine press release]
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Infinite Crisis celebrates closed beta with The Joker

(4 hours ago)
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Turbine's Infinite Crisis is launching into closed beta today, and to help celebrate, the team has released a new Champion Profile to spotlight The Joker's involvement in the highly anticipated DC Comics-based MOBA.

We've seen everyone from Cesar Romero to Heath Ledger play the part of The Joker, but that evil grin is always there to remind us of just how warped this character really is. In the game, The Joker is equipped with explosive dolls and boxing glove-adorned rocket launchers to keep you on your toes.

Be sure to check out the highlight video featuring The Joker just after the jump, and sign up for closed beta if you haven't already.

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Shazam gives Infinite Crisis lineup a jolt

by (2 hours ago)
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Even as a mere mortal, Billy Bastion stood up to injustice. And now, thanks to the powers granted him by the ancient wizard Shazam, Billy can turn into a mighty lightning-infused warrior to fight against injustice, evil... and whatever opponents happen to queue against him! Joining the pool of available champions in Turbine's upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis, the superhero formerly known as Captain Marvel (name officially changed to Shazam in 2010) hails from the Prime Universe and brings the power of lightning front-and-center as a melee enforcer.

Want to catch of glimpse of Shazam's powers and abilities like Speed of Mercury, Power of Zeus, Lightning Field, and Mystic Power/Defense? Then watch the champion reveal video after the break.

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Infinite Crisis adds Cyborg to the mix

(26 minutes ago)
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While the last superhero to join the Infinite Crisis lineup was mystically imbued, the newest member is a mix of man and machine. Today Turbine announced the addition of Cyborg to the roster of champions as well as released new art for the Green Lantern.

Like you'd expect a man with an energy cannon for an arm, Cyborg is a ranged fighter, doling out powerful blasts while dodging direct confrontation with melee. His various skills include Cybernetic Targeting, Cascade, and Plasma Cannon. Charged Burst is an AoE attack and Tracer Shot marks opponents and adds a debuff that can be triggered for additional effects by his other skills.

Check out the reveal video after the break for some tips on fighting as -- and fighting against -- this newest champion. After the video, take a look at the newest Infinite Crisis art, showing off Arcane, Prime, and Atomic versions of Green Lantern.

[Source: Turbine press release]
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E3 2013: Infinite Crisis super-punches MOBA flaws

(2 hours ago)
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Are you Marvel or DC? Turbine's hoping that you are partial to the latter, especially considering that the studio wants to rope you in with its DC superhero-themed game, Infinite Crisis. Over a hearty lunch of Kryptonite stew and Flash fries at E3, Massively's Jasmine Hruschak spoke with Creative Director Cardell Kerr, Director of Digital Communications Adam Mersky, and Executive Producer Jeffrey Steefel about the title's development and the IP's fit as a MOBA.

Infinite Crisis draws upon DC's entire multiverse for its inspiration. For non-comic book geeks, the multiverse consists of several often-interacting universes that feature different versions of the same places, superheroes, and events. Ergo, the Batman you know from our world also might have a steampunk alter-ego in the multiverse, or the virtuous Green Lantern of earth might have a post-apocalyptic counterpart as the Atomic Green Lantern. Infinite Crisis takes these heroes from all over the multiverse and tosses them together to see what happens. Hint: It ain't puppy dogs and sunshine parades. Continue Reading

Infinite Crisis video showcases Batman

by Shawn Schuster (46 minutes ago)
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The newest video offering from Turbine's Infinite Crisis shows off the Dark Knight himself as we see footage of Batman's special skills.

Watching, Waiting is a skill that grants a bonus to attack and power armor. Entering stealth doubles that bonus while also healing the Caped Crusader over time. Battarang is a skill that throws a single blade at an enemy, dealing damage and marking the target for a short time. Martial Arts allows Batman to leap to his target, dealing attack damage and activating the stun of Battarang.

To see these skills -- as well as Batman's ultimate skill and some helpful tips for playing Batman effectively -- check out the full video just after the cut. And if you'd like to get your hands on Infinite Crisis yourself, the beta sign-ups are still open.

Infinite Crisis hands-on: Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman

at 08:37pm July 17 2013
Batman swings on a grappling hook, closing the distance between us. At this range, he can one-shot me with his ultimate. Batman’s unlikely ally, The Joker, is also on my heels, throwing presents that spit confetti and toxic gas. I need to get the hell out of here. Both of these champions are higher level and better equipped than me–it’s pretty clear I’m about to die. I tap E to fire a glowing green missile. It narrowly misses Batman, exploding a parked car instead. I punch R. A green jet hurtles towards the ground. I’m the Green Lantern and I just dropped a spectral F-22 on Batman. No, this isn’t fan fiction. This is Infinite Crisis.

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