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Infinity Pool

Loved Possessor so I'm down for this.
Really enjoyed Possessor so I’ll be lined up to see whatever Cronenberg comes out with next.
Possessor was dope so, sure, I'll dive into Infinity Pool.
Honestly, NC-17 might be more of a marketing draw for a movie like this, anyways. And it doesn't sound like kids should be watching it.

Also doesn't sound very good based on some test screening reactions. More like a hot mess. But I did really like Possessor, so trying to hold out hope that it works for me when I see it.
I saw the trailer for this during Bones and All. It's indeed wild.
It didn't show at my screening. Off to Twitter I go.
Thought I was looking at a screenshot from Love, Death, and Robots but this looks chilling.
MIA and baby Cronenberg...
I wonder if they'll release the redband trailer that I saw in the theater.
Jesus, is Brandon’s filmography going to end up being even more wild than his dad’s?

Too soon to say?

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