Inglourious Basterds - Part 1

Tarantino says he's going to finish writing the script to Inglorious Bastards while he's doing publicity for GRINDHOUSE.

Just something else to chew on about Inglorious Bastards. Movies Online has a first hand report that Michael Madsen said the script runs about 6 hours so we are probably looking at another split movie, ala Kill Bill.

In 2007, Tarantino himself said that many big stars are attached to the project including Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Paul Walker, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Johnny Depp, John Travolta, Harvey Keitel, Fred Williamson, John Jarratt, Mickey Rourke, and Christopher Walken.

Eddie Murphy has confirmed that QT talked to him about Inglorious Bastards, but says there is no deal currently in place. is reporting that Stallone is a "lock" for Inglorious Bastards.

The rumors of Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone I've heard and reported before. I believe they are a real possibility. The talk of Schwarzenegger I think is bogus.

Here's what Quentin supposedly said:
"I've said it once and I am going to say it again. I want Bruce, Sly and Arnold for my World War II epic. I have always dream of having these 3 superstars together in a movie. Initially Inglorious Bastards was suppose to be in production way back in 1998 with these casts but I shifted my attention on my other projects such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Sin City.​
No source, just a couple of quotes. And it sounds awfully silly for Tarantino to have shifted his attention to Pulp Fiction 4 years after its release.

My friends and I are wanting to go as the four main members of The Basterds (Raine, Utivitz, The Bear Jew, and Omar). Does anyone know where I could get a German military costume or even a Nazi costume? I cannot seem to find one online. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS: I have Jewish relatives so this is not for a joke or Nazi support in any way.
i'd honestly wouldnt go as a NAzi. Even if i had Jewish relatives
Are they rescreening it someplace?

Yeah I'd avoid the Nazi uniforms, maybe you can find those partisan/guerilla uniforms they were wearing before they actually had to dress up as Nazis. That kind of garb is usually pretty easy to throw together yourself from an Army Navy store or something.

EDIT: Oh, I suppose by "go" you mean to a Halloween party or something, at this time of year...yeah no one will read that as "Hey, they're the characters from Inglorious Basterds when they were pretending to be Nazis!" they will just think you dressed up as Nazis.

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