Playstation Insomniac's Spider-Man 2

I've thought a lot about what a big budget linear Spider-man game, possibly by Insomniac, would look like. Shattered Dimensions left me cold, not because it was linear, but because the traversal was so plain and rigid. It would be cool if Insomniac retooled their traversal for a linear experience by putting greater emphasis on parkour/smaller scale acrobatic movement

What I'm unsure about is if this linear spin-off would be made by Insomniac, or if it would be like a Rocksteady/WB Montreal situation
I see what you mean about a different developer. If Insomniac was dedicated to only making Spider-Man games for the foreseeable future I'd say they'd be all about it but since they probably want to branch out to other projects (case in point, Wolverine) I'm not so sure. As it is after 2 I think we're at least guaranteed a third game and one more spinoff.

Before we even start speculating about Spider-verse related spinoffs, I actually could see them making Venom the playable character for the next spinoff since Miles is now fully incorporated into the mainline games.
A Marvel's Venom is definitely the best idea for a 2nd spin off game.

I wouldn't be shocked if it comes out neXt.
It does seem to be the next logical step depending on what happens by the end of the second game with the symbiote. A spinoff could be a great opportunity to introduce Eddie Brock in the Insomniac games.
Another confirmed new feature is "swing steering assist". Apparently toggled on is the default mode, and toggled off gives you more realistic physics
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Not that I particularly want a spider verse game, if they did make a linear one let's not forget the last ratchet and clank game that was pretty universally praised. I also feel as though wolverine could be linear as well.
I think I want Insomniac to do another Marvel ip instead of a separate Spider-Verse game.

I think if they make a Fantastic 4 game that could do pretty well (sales wise) due to the goodwill of Insomniac Marvel games, which something Guardians of the GalaXy game didn't have with Square EniX.
Now hear me out. Kurt Wagner Spider-man game.
Let's maybe start with a skin? lol. Although I'm sure they'd kill the teleportation.
I'd rather see a X-Men game with few X-Men playables (3 to 4) than another X-Men solo videogame after Marvel's Wolverine.
Now hear me out. Kurt Wagner Spider-man game.
Now I'm getting flashbacks to that X3 game where you could play as Nightcrawler. The teleportation mechanics in that game were actually not terrible for a mid-2000's tie-in game.

Yes I'm looking forward to the new sense of discovery that they advertised in the gameplay overview. To me graphics and map size are second to interactivity in an open world game
Apparently review codes have been sent out, and the embargo drops on the 16th. So, be on the lookout for potential unwanted spoilers.
Loving that the bosses have healthbars now. It just completes that boss-battle vibe
Originally pre ordered from Amazon, but ultimately decided to buy the digital version so I can play right away. Can't wait!
I’m going to have to wait 21 days after it releases I’m going on vacation I must stay away from the internet for spoilers

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