International trailer!!!!

Basically almost all of the other half of the comic con trailer
no........ the scenes are brand new....

witht hte exception of the kid one
I thnk this traler flowed a little better than than the other one IMO.
Awesome, the additions are cool. I recently checked out 300 from my local library and I have read it cover to cover 3 times now. I am excited for March!
Wow... did you see the look on Leonidas's wife face... d_mn! :wow: He must be good! :cwink:

:xmen: Lady Leonidas :heart:
Another one to add to my must watch list.
tzarinna said:
LoL,I want some. :woot:

LOL... you want some???? :wow:

Hello!! :word:

Hey... I call myself "Lady Leonidas" for a good reason! :woot:

:xmen: Lady Leonidas :heart:
looks good! roll on march!
For some reason the golden gloss effect seems to work really well for this movie.

I'm extremely excited about this movie as well, it seems like we'll finally get a ancient times movie that actually tries to be like one.

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