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iPod Syncing Problem


A Rebellion Built on Hope
Feb 7, 2012
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I have a 32GB 3rd or 4th Generation iPod Touch. I also have two computers, more specifically a PC Desktop that runs Windows XP and a Laptop that runs Windows 7. Back in December I moved my entire iPod Library to my laptop. The last time I synced my iPod with this laptop was back in April. Since April I have purchased new songs, albums, apps, etc. Now for whatever reason every time I attempt to sync my iPod Touch with my laptop and transfer my purchases it just won't work. Anything that I didn't have in April (new albums) will be deleted from the iPod Touch and anything I don't have now that I did have in April (some apps) will be put back onto the iPod. What do I do? Thanks in advance for the help.
Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes?
Have you tried using iTunes on a different account on your computer?
I'll try that now.

I only have one iTunes account, and one account on my laptop.

If you create another account on your computer, and just download iTunes, you'll basically have a clean slate, so you can test it on there (isolate the problem). I would advise a second account anyway, since it's a good way to bypass a virus if one ever locks you out.

Course, it could just require an update.
Oh, I'll try that out if the uninstalling/reinstalling thing doesn't work. Thanks.
Well the good news is that the apps that I removed since April aren't being put back on the iPod. Unfortunately songs/albums that I purchased since April are still be deleted. :(
It may be that something is out of date.

Itunes, or the operating system on the iPod.
Alright, this is interesting. If I click the Music button on the top left the menu appears with Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and Apps. Below that is Home Shares, *my name*'s Library. If I click that, then type in the latest album I purchased, the album will appear. But I don't know how to get it to the main music file or whatever.
It looks like I finally fixed it. I set it so that it wouldn't automatically sync when the iPod was connected to the laptop. Then from there I manually transferred the purchases. Now it's appears to be transferring all the songs. I guess for whatever reason it wouldn't transfer purchases when it synced so I had to stop it from syncing and make it transfer the purchases. Thanks for the help guys.

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