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Iron Man Iron Man Gets SUPER BOWL Spot


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Aug 23, 2005
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Variety says that both Iron Man and Hancock will have Super Bowl TV spots on February 3, while Universal, Warner Bros. and Fox haven't revealed which movies they'll advertise:

But February's matchup will see spots for summer tentpoles such as Paramount and Marvel's superhero entry "Iron Man," Sony's Will Smith actioner "Hancock" and Adam Sandler comedy "Don't Mess With the Zohan," as well as New Line's Will Ferrell laffer "Semi-Pro."
That's great to hear! The movie that can really use a Superbowl spot is TIH though.
after the whole "HULK LOOKS TOO FAKE" Superbowl spot in '03, I doubt we'll see one :csad: I seriously want to see a Hulk sneek peek already!:cmad:

I'm glad Iron Man's getting a spot, I hope it's a completely new trailer and not a rehash of the old one.
They seemed to indicate in the article that there would be new scenes in the Super Bowl spot.
That sounds good to me, so that probably means a new trailer will be out by then.
Very good news for Iron Man. Hope it's a good spot for them.
Great news, 90 million people will get to see that IM is coming, this will be great for this movie.
Great News. Iron Man needs something new to re-ignite the hype after the massive onslaught of Dark Knight stuff (Posters, Trailer).
I dont mind the Dark Knight getting new stuff (we have waited long enough), as i love both Iron Man and Batman, but i do think that Iron Man needs something big soon to help get the movie hyped again.
I'm hoping for more flying sequences, more Iron Mongor and more Stane.
I want more Stane/Iron Monger, and some firing of Repulsors!
I am so pumped for this movie, Iron Man is going to be the best selling marvel movie yet, at least thats what I think...
nice......i'm more excited about this tv spot than watching the actual game (if the Pats aren't in it then i may change my mind).
I'm very excited, I'm hoping for new footage and not a re-hash of what we've seen so far.
I always watch the superbowl, if even my team isn't even close "cough" Who Dey "cough", and I love seeing the movie trailers, and since I'm geeked for Iron man thats a extra trill.
I think a sneak peak at the battle between Iron Man and Iron Monger will create new interest in this movie. I agree that DK has been getting alot more press lately; it's time to do the same for Iron Man.
Good to know, I'll be looking out for it now.
That will be very cool and fun to watch the cast be interviewed before the superbowl, it looks like Marvel and Paramount are going all out to promote Iron Man.:stark
Iron Man can sure use this major boost. Good luck to them and I hope what we see is GOOD.

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