Is Marvel TV running out of steam?

Discussion in 'Marvel Films' started by Dasher10, May 16, 2018.

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    i tend to wonder if what made JJ 1st series so acclaimed was because jessica jones character is totally new to the scene, Krysten Ritter is just dynamite gorgeous hot, and her character did bring a different kind of appeal, unorthodox flair that's different and stand out than the other characters as she didn't have as popular Marvel comic as the other ones like daredevil, luke cage and iron fist,

    sure the Kilgrave was a great villain, i just never cared for the pace and unnecessary dialogue of the show, it's just too slow a build up for my liking.
    that's why i had issues getting thru the 1st series vs the other Netflix-Marvel series.
    Again Kilgrave was no question better villain than Jessica's super-powered mother but i had questions and impatience about the pace of the 1st series.

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