Is this really news?

I guess it's a funny little piece, but I would just look at and say "heh..." before continuing on with my day.
But it's a W, Nick, a W!!! This is HUGE!

Get me the Pentagon!
If he lifted it up and saw a W and a V.....he would of passed out and not have been able to write the article.
I looked at the title of the article, glanced at the picture, and read the first sentence, saw how much was actually written and stopped.

How there could be a wall of text for such a stupid thing is beyond me.
Now its time for you guys to hunt!

Go find the most pointless new articles you can. I'd love to see what the internet has to offer.
I can't help but feel that this article is some piece of clever satire and we're all missing the joke...
It's a W for...........Why the heck did you click on this article!?
For people to have actually written an article on this, indicates to me it definitely must be a slow day for the news. :doh: :whatever:
Its getting harder and harder to discern the difference between the actual news and the Onion.
I have fallen for The Onion more than I'd care to admit
But wait, if you turn it upside down, you get an m...for MEPHISTOPHELES?!?!?! :shock :exp: :twisted:
But wait, if you turn it upside down, you get an m...for MEPHISTOPHELES?!?!?! :shock :exp: :twisted:

You know what else starts with M? McDonald's! Proof that Philly cream cheese, Fast food outlets and the Prince of Darkness are all in league together! The end is nigh, people!
There's only one thing we can do now...we ride, ::bursts into flames::

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