Sequels is Wolverine and the X-Men connected to the movies?

Probably not, but it's most likely to promote the movie, much like how X-men Evolution, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, and MTV's Spiderman were introduced following the succes of their films
jav's got it.
the cartoon isnt connected to the movie (it an AU itself), its just coming out around the same time as the movie.
guessing we're see and hear alot of wolverine in 2009
from what I've seen it looks alot like a follow up to x-men evolution, like a few years down the road
No its not a follow-up to that either. It's got some of the same creative talent behidn it though. Look at the few years later epilogue from EVOLUTION and you will see the difference.

Bobby Drake for instance looks totally different from when he did in Evolution, even if he was a few years younger. As do Pietro.

This show is basically all its own thing. It's not connected to any of the movies or a spin-off of X-men 2, because Jean is clearly there amongst others.

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