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Oct 24, 2004
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Plans to relaunch the character

Source: Moviehole



This is one of the stranger rumours we've heard recently. Moviehole is reporting that Paramount is planning to relaunch the Jack Ryan franchise, which has already included The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger and The Sum of All Fears, with Ryan Gosling taking over the role vacated by Alec Baldwin and then Harrison Ford and then Ben Affleck.

Now, we think Gosling is an absolutely incredible actor and welcome his inclusion in anything. But we don't get the desire to relaunch Jack Ryan, particularly since this new film is not going to be based on a Tom Clancy novel. Director Philip Noyce reportedly told Moviehole a new film is in the works, he would not be involved and Gosling would take the role. He said the title is By Any Means Necessary and is an original script.

Does Jack Ryan really mean anything to anyone, filmically? Is he a character to carry a franchise or could any of the movies he's appeared in work just as well with a lead of a different name?
no . . . this is totally weird; who cares about Jack Ryan anymore . . . it's not like he's Indiana Jones :confused:
I mean, do they have more books w/ the character? IMO, they should have let this one go after Harrison Ford relinquished the role . . .
This is gonna suck. Why use Clancy's character but not use one of his stories?

Oh well, they tried to turn The Sum Of All Fears into a restart for the series and fouled that up royally. Changed so much crap that it hardly resembled the book.

So now they go even further afield with something totally separate from Clancy. Plus, this Gosling looks nothing like Jack Ryan and looks nothing like President Ryan either. Alec, Harrison even Ben i could imagine going from CIA agent to President, not this kid.
i thought they tried to relaunch the character with affleck, and that movie did pretty well. i don't see why they couldn't do a sequel with him in this one.
Poor Affleck....will he became become a big time star again...?
he could be a big time director. I've heard praise of his directorial debut.
Poor Affleck....will he became become a big time star again...?

He got praise and an award for Hollywoodland and Gone Baby Gone is one of the best reviewed films of 07, the Fleck is bizzack.

And Gosling is a good choice. Good actor
Hmmm, interesting. The character of Jack Ryan is a badass, but Gosling as him? This will be interesting...
This will be interesting. Also, they should definitely make it more apparent that that these movies are Jack Ryan films, instead of them just seeming to be another thriller. I mean, I figured that Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games were connected because of Harrison Ford, but I didn't know that they were connected to The Hunt for Red October and The Sum of All Fears until a few years ago. Anyway, Ryan Gosling is always great, and another Jack Ryan film sounds like money well spent to me.
I was more looking forward to seeing Without Remorse come out, but I'd be willing to give this a shot, as I liked most of the Ryan movies (hell, I even liked Sum of All Fears).
Gosling doesn't seem like an action hero, but he's a good actor, so it'll be worth a look.
Next Matt Damon, maybe?
He could surprise us.
Next Matt Damon, maybe?
He could surprise us.
definitely, i thought he held his own really well against anthony hopkins in fracture. to not be outshined by anthony hopkins? i think he's got the chops. oh. and he can make the ladies swoon all weak and woozy. :o dont totally understand the need of a "restart" though. :huh:
I think the success of the Bourne franchise, they want to cash in.
The Jack Ryan franchise died the day Alec Baldwin decided not to reprise the role. Yea...the two Harrison Ford movies were successful but they felt more like Harrison Ford movies than Jack Ryan movies.
I think the success of the Bourne franchise, they want to cash in.
in my mind it all traces back to batman begins. suddenly everybody and their grandmother is restarting franchises. :cmad:
I think the success of the Bourne franchise, they want to cash in.

Which makes me wonder if Jack Ryan will become more of a physical badass and less the thinker agent. With Ryan Gosling involved, I am definitely interested.

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