Western Jane Campion's "The Power of the Dog," starring Benedict Cumberbatch

Has anyone heard Sam Elliott’s dumbass rant about this film? I don’t want to cancel the guy or anything but the whole point of the movie CLEARLY went over his head.
For those who haven’t heard or read what he said, well, he took issue with the movie have gay themes because apparently there are no gay cowboys and wearing chaps but also being shirtless makes you a Chippendales dancer. Or something.

Oh, and about the chaps. Well, Cumberbatch never takes them off and even wears them inside and real cowboys don’t do that. Why, it’s almost like the movie was trying to show that the wealthy, educated guy who doesn’t actually need to herd cattle is bit of a poser who behaves the way he does to mask his true self!

I honestly find the film a little overrated but his take on it just makes him come off like a sexist, homophobic moron who apparently thinks he’s an actual cowboy because he’s played one so often in movies.
Yeah that was a bummer to hear. And besides the homophobia AND completely missing the themes of the movie, his attacks on Campion for being from and filming in New Zealand are SO dumb. Firstly, this book was written by a man who grew up in the American West. Secondly, many of the GOAT Westerns were shot in freaking Italy. Thirdly, Sam Elliot was born and raised in 20th Century Sacremento, no less far-removed from the Wild West than New Zealand, and he's talking like he's a time-traveling real life cowboy.
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