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Nov 23, 2005
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Should the Justice League film be animated? I think it would have lots of benefits to it being animated. For one it would separate it from the Avengers. People, non comic readers and people who don't know who the JL are I am talking about, wont think this is just a rip off of the Avengers. A team of solo heroes banding together to become the worlds greatest team. Plus the studio could cast whoever they wanted. You could get Jolie as Wonder Woman, or maybe Bale as Batman. You wouldn't have to worry about the actors looking the part, or being the right age, or the right shape. Plus it being animated could help by separating it from the other DC films. People wont assume its a spin off of the Nolan Bat films because its animated. But at the same time it gets people to know who these characters are, like WW or Flash, and could lead into them getting their own solo live action films. And again you wouldn't have to cast the same actors who did the voices. And another benefit would be the price to make the film. You could have it be a giant epic movie about all of Apocalypse led by Darksied invading Earth and destroying almost everything and it takes the Justice League and all of the good New Gods to stop them, and everyone shows all of their magnificent super powers in great detail and it wouldn't be a through the roof budget for the film. It would be just as much as any animated film really. And one of the last pluses I will mention is that, like the X-Men, like Spider-Man, Nolan's Batman, Iron Man, or the Avengers, an animated Justice League film will evolve the Superhero movie further. No longer will they just have to be live action films, they could now be animated full length films made for theaters.
The animation style could be as realistic looking or as cartoony as they wanted. In traditional hand drawn animated style or in computer animated style, or a mix of both. Or perhaps another JL cartoon show should come out, to maybe help hype up the idea and get the fans excited.
This is an example how they could be animated to look like:
by *anklesnsocks


I know that maybe the movie has already been promissed to be live action and that would be cool too, but I was just curious what everyone thought of a animated JL film for theaters? It could be as high quality as anything Pixar or Disney has put out. Would you guys see an animated JL film? Do you think the pros I pointed out would be accurate? What do you think of the idea?
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I would love a motion capture Justice League movie. Super stylized and a chance to get all sorts of actors playing heroes you wouldn't normally see in live action. Hell, bring Keaton back as Batman.
I would only animate this film if it were done so it were entirely photorealistic.
I'm not going to lie the designs in the OP remind me of the Slender Man. As for an animated JL, I wouldn't mind it.
We had a Superfriends, JL show, JL on the Batman, JL on Brave and the Bold, JL on YJ and I don't know how many JL movies already as DTVs from DC Animation. It would be so anticlimactic to have a JLA movie instead of the long awaited live action film. Don't want to be a negative nancy on your thread, but I had to state my opinion, please continue
I really enjoyed Crisis on Two Earths and JL Doom wasn't bad. I'd go to see this on two conditions: they get back the voice actors that are known to do these characters well (Kevin Conroy for Batman is a must. There are no other options) and if they actually came up with a creative story for it. No alien invasion, no apocalyptic event, and be careful of a team of villains. It can be reminiscent of those storylines but not clones of them. But seriously no alien INVASION. If we have named aliens with faces that's fine.
With a movie budget, like Disney or Pixar animated films, they would have much more money than the direct to video films and be able to do so much more. Get bigger names for voice actors for instance, or perhaps get the best voice actors in the business even if no one knew who they were. They could Get a better quality of animation for the films. The scripts could be better, not sure how but maybe more writers could turn out a better story or something, and another plus I forgot to mention before would be that it might help get this movie out faster than if they did live action.
Because you don't have to look for actors who look the part, or build all the sets, or special effects, etc, it might (might) take less time to get it up and running.

I agree that because of the animated shows, and the direct to DVDs they would have to be careful to not repeat or do something that is too similar, but I think that with a better budget that whatever they did could turn out to be great and especially if it seemed like a huge summer blockbuster animated movie in the theaters. For example, perhaps Mongul and his War World invades Earth and plans to turn War World into a chain of planets. There would be an invasion sure, but on a global scale that could be so huge and then it all comes down to an epic battle between Mongul and the JLA. Or maybe its Darksied and then the whole Apocalypse roster shows up, Granny Goodness, etc. And then New Genesis shows up to help. But that would take away from the JLA, I am only saying that in animation the sky can sometimes be the limit.
I think a feature-length JL animated film would be great to watch in cinemas, and it would surely make a nice amount of cash. But in all honesty I don't think it will be the route they will be willing to take for a number of reasons.

- 2D animated films are just not as popular with today's audiences as it was back in the day. They are much more interested in 3D films now (Wall-E, The Incredibles, Toy Story etc.)

- When done right, 3D animation has the advantage of looking much more "real" than 2D films, and I think audiences become more invested with it.

- More and more people have decided to abandon the 2D formula in favour of 3D. Especially those who plan to study animation and related art in university (I plan to myself).

- On the Disney front, the last 2D film they released was Princess and the Frog back in 2009. It didn't too good for them, meanwhile Pixar had been - and continue to - release some great successful films out year after year. Even if they weren't that great, they still bank a fortune for them. Disney made the right decision in buying there company when they did.

I could go on, but that's basically my theory. It'd be a lot more risky and costly for Warner to make it in 2D. Still, would be awesome if they did attempt it, and would effectively bring back 2D into fashion again!
A Pixar Justice League would be AMAZING!
There's been enough JLA animated movies/tv shows. It's time for live-action treatment; it's been long overdue.
Maybe make official WW, Flash and Aquaman animated feature films that lead up to their characters in a live action JL movie.

I doubt an animated film would pull in huge crowds at the BO. Unless maybe if it was so groundbreaking techwise that it would catch a lot of hype.
If it's going to be animated, I would hope they'd go for the DC Universe CGI style from the trailer. That looked really good, except maybe make it more realistic. I'm sure It'd do great at the B.O.

Plus you can introduce more characters and get some real talent behind it like Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. Plus you could bring in the favorite voice actors (Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Clancy Brown, etc.) I'd be cool with this.

Although I'd like to see a live action JL movie just as much, if not more.
As much as I like Timm and Dini, I don't want them. I still can't get over some of the Bat-bias that seem to go on in JL/U.

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