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Johns and Daniel leave Teen Titans-Beechen named new writer

Beechen writes a great Robin, so at least we'll get rid of overly emo Robin.
I'll miss Geoff but as long as this guy didnt used to write a failed live action titans show, it'll be great.
Yeah, but this is a team book. :) What else has he written?
Are we happy about this?

Hmmm, could go either way. It was obvious Johns needed to lighten his work load and that this book was suffering from it. I personally like Beechen so, it could go either way.:csad:
I'm glad that Johns is leaving the book. I'd like to focus more on Green Lantern and Justice Society of America and not have them be late. And even though Daniel's art is great. I'm glad to see him go too. I hope the book gets a bit more consistent with it's art.
He's probably helping out with this Countdown business DC is planning.
1) I despise Johns' writing on the Titans with every fiber of my being. So yay.

2) I've never heard of Beechen, so I'm cautious.
By mediocre you mean, non-emo, got over his best friend's death and great. Then I agree.
Newsarama is so much fun:

"McKeever would have made me check this out, but this Beechen guy ruined Batgirl so pass."

I'm so happy about this. I wasn't going to pick up Titans East because I got completely fed up with Geoff's Titans. But some new blood will be good.
I've really enjoyed Beechen's Robin, so I'm happy over this. Johns' Titans really haven't been all that great since the Superboy issue from, like, a year ago.

It'll be a shame to see Daniel go, but hopefully someone equally as good will step in.
If you two are dropping it, then I guess I'll be keeping it.


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