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Homecoming Jon Watts IS Marvel & Sony's 'Spider-Man' Director


Nov 19, 2010
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Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are proud to announce that after a full worldwide casting search, Tom Holland will play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the next Spider-Man film, in theaters in IMAX and 3D on July 28, 2017. The film will be directed by Jon Watts, director of "Cop Car," the upcoming thriller that made its debut earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival.

Following Marvel’s tradition of working with the brightest next wave of directors, Watts also went through multiple meetings with Feige, Pascal, and the studio, before winning the job.

Feige commented, “As with James Gunn, Joss Whedon, and the Russo brothers, we love finding new and exciting voices to bring these characters to life. We spent a lot of time with Jon and find his take and work inspiring.”
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I haven't seen Cop Car, but I hear tell it's crazy as ****.
I saw Clown at Glasgow Frightfest this year, and it was a fun horror film that managed to get some genuine creepiness out of a goofy concept. That is my only experience of Jon Watts as a director thus far.
I don't really know this director. I hope he will do a good job.
I had a feeling they'd announce both at the same time
Nice. Haven't seen his work, but of all the potentials, his filmography is by far the most interesting to me. The trailer for Cop Car is really good.
I like the choice a lot! I'd thought that Levine was going to get the gig, but considering how long they held off on announcing it, I figured Watts was another likely candidate. Great pick!
^Which is probably for the best.
Borys Kit says that Watts was Feige's choice, so I'm excited to see what he can bring to the table!!
Like Tom Holland, I am completely unfamiliar with the choice for director in Jon Watts. But...I have faith in the decision by Feige and Marvel to hire this guy. I hope Mr. Watts has a good combo between his skill set as a director and his understanding of the characters involved.
Never heard of this guy. But at least we moved from webb to watts.
Sounds alright.Wish Levine had of got it though
Never heard of the guy.

I'm curious to see what he does.
Between Gunn, Whedon, and the Russos, it seems as though Feige really enjoys filmmakers who take genre concepts or B-Movie material and put a unique and interesting spin on it. That appears to be in line with what Watts has done with Clown & Cop Car.
It would have been way more exciting if it was, say, Luc Besson or someone similar.

Anyways, haven't seen Cop Car, but that film must be pretty killer (along with his pitch) to get him the gig. I'll check out his films when I can. :up:

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