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Homecoming Jon Watts IS Marvel & Sony's 'Spider-Man' Director

Agreed I still keep mean to check out one of his movies to see what he like for director.
Ya I like to check it out myself too some time. But again like the writers the cop car film isn't likely how spidey be. As that was a action thriller and the writers did raunchy adult comedy. Not the best ways to think how spidey film will be. Beyond the technical end of film making and writing.
Agreed. They say they doing a coming of age high school movie for Spider-Man which very different to those kinds of movies lol.
Ya that is why I was saying weeks back on folks shouldn't be all heated on watts or the writers. As we don't know how spidey will be. Let alone what marvel does. And what changes from now to finished script then finished film.
Last friday I saw "Cop Car". Good film. Nothing special.
Saw it some time back via, um, somewhat nefarious means and I have to disagree. I thought it was a very "small" film, but an excellent one, nonetheless. I also thought Watts' directorial instincts were immaculate and the performances he got out of his actors were superb. I'm extremely excited for a Watts-helmed Spidey movie, but also cautious at the same time since Cop Car and Spidey are two completely different animals.

Full disclosure: I liked 500 Day Of Summer a lot (though not nearly as much as Cop Car) and really disliked TASM2. So yea, nothing is quite set in stone. But at the very least, "hope" is something I have an abundance of at this point.
Hopefully he will get some good acting out of all. And his visual flair be good. Also hopefully editing the film won't be a problem like last two films.
It's ran by a group of filmmakers including him. He's in and has made some of the videos.
It was in one of the many general news threads. Just no one ever linked to that groups actual page.

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