Sequels Joss signs on to write and direct "Avengers 2"!

Inevitable but awesome
Kind of figured he'd pull the trigger and do it. I'm interested somewhat in the TV series he's doing for Marvel since it'd be the second one that's been talked about (Guillermo Del Toro keeps talking about doing a Hulk series.)
I figured he was going to accept eventually, but still...

Couldn't be in better hands. :up:

Director of one of the highest grossing movies, and involved in some of the longest running shows of television? Perfect man for the job.
He won't blow the Thanos load in this one, I sense he's saving that for the third or fourth flick, or some kind of GOTG/Avengers crossover.
If we get any announcement about Ant-Man coming around 2014, I'll bet you Avengers 2 will be about Ultron, with GOTG pushed until after TA2.

Whedon said he wanted to go smaller, more intimate after TA, and I think Ultron would probably work for that.
GotG can come out before TA2 even if TA2 is Thanos-less

A GotG sequel that develops Adam Warlock would be a nice step toward the Avengers vs Thanos movie
Can they really save Thanos for a third movie after what happened in the first one?

People now have this expectation that Thanos will be around in the next one.
Probably just see him as kind of the puppet master in a sense, observing and watching them over time until he decides to step in. He probably does want to wait and have him tie in to GOTG after that announcement.

I know he said he wants this one to be more intimate and personal, so we may see some actual disarray and trust issues amongst the team, not pushed by Loki's staff.
I'm not happy about this.....

...OK, I am ;)
They can use Thanos more in Guardians of the Galaxy as well as have some scenes throughout Avengers 2 leading up to him being the villain of Avengers 3.
People are assuming that Thanos will have a major role in GotG. We dont know this yet.
While true, I think he just fits in better there, at least for a true introduction to the character.
Ah, so basically Thanos could be the MCU's Emperor Palpatine of sorts. I really like that idea, him weaving his influence in and out of the Avengers and possibly the GOTG movies.

(although there's a pretty big part of me who wants to see how Ultron would play out in a live-action movie)
Yes ! Glad hes coming back and we have some news finally

Wait no GOG 2014 that sucks
I didn't want to hope in case that hope turns into disappointment, so this news caught me a little unawares when I saw it pop up on my Facebook news feed. Never has there been a better time to be a Marvel fan.

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