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Joss Whedon's and Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

Wow. This, too, looks like a 1990's TV show. Whedon, Whedon...
Everything can't be Shakespeare.
You people do know he just did this as a fun little diversion, hence his casting people from all his old ****.
Who cares. If its awful, the gimmick means nothing
More reviews from SXSW:








All generally positive, with the AICN, Badass Digest, Film School Rejects, Movie Mezzanine and Geeks of Doom ones being outright raves.

Found one really mixed/negative review:


And a nice mention in this article from The Hollywood Reporter:
Shot in striking black-and-white in and around his own Santa Monica home -- in a whiplash-inducing 12 days, no less -- the film is a remarkable feat of ingenuity from the writer-director best associated with thoughtful genre fare like TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and last summer's superhero bonanza, Marvel's The Avengers.

Their review (by a different writer) from Toronto that I posted on the previous page was also very positive.
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Just got back from seeing this and it is definitely the best Shakespeare film I've seen. My friends and I laughed and really enjoyed it. Although it's hard for me to look at Alexis Denisof and not see Sandy Rivers :funny:
Saw this a few weeks ago. Really, really charming film. I still prefer the 1993 version, but it felt like Whedon invited us into his home for a lovely weekend of wine and drunken following. Speaking of which, I think every scene in the movie has drinking, which is a funny explanation for the characters' stupidity.
Awesome, seeing it tomorrow morning. Seriously can't wait.
I loved this so much. The way our audience was roaring with laughter, you'd think we were watching 21 Jump Street or something, lol. Whedon did a great job with all the physical comedic touches and I really felt like he just gave the whole affair an added layer of accessibility for contemporary audiences over most Shakespeare adaptations (including those transplanted to modern day). Amy Acker in particular was fantastic (she should really be more famous), while Nathan Fillion damn near walked away with the whole movie despite coming into the story quite late.

And boy does Joss have a gorgeous home.
Now who was saying this was bad again?
Weird people.
Anyway I saw this last week, and I loved it, it may be my top movie of the year so far.
Already sawit actually lol, the same day I saw much ado, actually lmao. Both were great, but I still think this was a better movie, they both make my top ten for the year.
Ugh, why are they showing Rocky IV?


Because nothing goes together better than Shakespeare and dolph lundgren.
Saw this about an hour ago. It was so much fun. I wasn't expecting too much, but I ended up enjoying every second of it. You could tell that everyone involved was just having a great time doing it. I'll probably see it again this weekend with some friends. BTW Nathan Fillion steals this show. Steals it!!
About to hit it after work. I already know it's gonna be full of nothing but Chicago hipsters, but I will make the sacrifice.

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