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Joss Whedon's and Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

This was alright. Nothing special but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone, its pretty funny with some hilarious characters. Then again ill see anything with Nathan Fillion. I don't know I'm just not the hugest fan of Whedon. I don't think he's bad, not at all. Just eh. 7/10
I really wish there was one character who spoke normally - someone made up specifically for this film that everyone else just ignores, who comments on the absurdity of the others around him.
This thread needs some gifs of a pratfalling Amy acker, now.

As requested

I finally watched this film today. It is one of the must see films for those who aren't lining up to see a blockbuster film, but a great film. But only lesser people can ruin a Shakespeare play. It has everything you could enjoy - romance, humor, plot twists, wonderful intermingling of characters you can care about and are integral. The cinematography is well done.

Whedon proves his versatility by bringing this Shakespeare classic to the modern age. The actors manage to deliver the play's difficult lines with ease and convincing interpretation.
It's a great movie, but my lord...Nathan Fillion and his big belly. WOW!

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