Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


Nov 29, 2009
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The Amazing Spider-Man Producer Matt Tolmach to Play Jumanji
Source: Variety
August 1, 2012

First announced last month, Sony Pictures is moving forward with a big screen reboot of the 1995 Joe Johnston family adventure Jumanji. Today, Variety reports that Matt Tolmach, whose credits include the recent The Amazing Spider-Man, has come aboard to produce alongside William Teitler with Tedd Field and Mike Weber executive producing.

The original Jumanji starred Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce and was based on the 1981 children's book by Chris Van Allsburg. In it, a magical board game causes jungle plants and creatures to invade a quiet American suburb.

The Amazing Spider-Man, released on July 3rd, has currently grossed $657 million worldwide.

unless they plan on bringing Robin Williams back, this is a stupid idea
I was actually wondering if Jumanji was going to have a reboot about a week ago. What a coincidence. I'm not against the idea if they can bring something fresh and exciting to Jumanji. It needs to be more than just another pointless reboot like "Fright Night".
I'll take this over a 50 Shades of Gray movie. :o
why all the remakes? half the time the remake sucks even worse than the original did...knock it off
Jumanji was one of my childhood favs and I caught every episode of the Animated Series.

Even enjoyed the quasi-sequel "Zathura"

I might catch this remake on TV or rent it unless they get a kick-ass cast
It should've just called it Jewmanji and in this version they play the game using a magic yarmulke instead!
I wish they could kind of make it a continuation/sequel instead of just completely rebooting it.
They did that with Zathura and iirc that did not do to well, hence the reboot
The CGI monkeys look like ass but that doesn't mean they need to remake it. That movie pretty much followed the book verbatim and then some. How much more can they add to it?
Maybe it will be a sequel. I mean, the game CAN be played again and again...
Only if it stars Laura Dern and Sam Neil and the game involves dinosaurs instead of African animals.
They could set the movie INSIDE the game. Show what Alan had to live through in the jungle of Jumanji
The original movie was completely terrible, but Zathura wasn't bad though either. It could have potential as long as it follows the book closely.
I can't sit through Zathura without getting bored. Jumanji seems like the better movie imo.
They can remake Jumanji if they want. IKts not like its an beloved classic or something.
The ****?

Well this came out of nowhere. I want Robin Williams to play everybody this time. Boy, girl, man, woman, baby. Everyone.

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