Just Because-POWERGIRL

those last three pictures should be titled:
"Where's the beef?"

Based entirely on facial expression and body language.


Billy, you should know better.

^Found that picture looking for information on the Seven Soldiers of all things.
She has FOUR ORIGINS!!!!
Supermans Cousin

Atlantian Uber-Girl from the far Past

Supergurls Clone (TV only)

Superman's descendant from the 30th Century. (Which explains the power flucuation.)

She is part of a group of heroes who the writers can't make up their minds.

I would give her an origin in which she is not biologically related to any Kryptonians nor is she the clone of any of them, or an alien in general, or from another universe. I think DC needs more natural born metahumans (what's the point of establishing the "metagene" if you don't use it?), Power Girl could be one of them.

Love them all. A lot of these look like they use real actresses as models for Power Girl. For instance, the third one here looks like someone planted some huge **** on Meg Ryan and called her a superhero :cwink:

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