Batman Begins Just saw FX promoting BB.


Feb 18, 2007
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It's going to be on in Jan 18 I believe. I could watch it anytime on DVD but I'll catch this just to see it with commercials! :woot:
That's great. I wouldn't be surprised if they played a TDK trailer during it. Even if it's the one we've already seen, it would still be cool to see it played on TV.
I've seen the ads. It's weird how interested I get when they come on seeing as how I've seen the movies plenty of times and could just pop it in the DVD player.

I wonder if they might include some TDK interviews/scoops during the breaks. Since the movie would still be 6 months away, it wouldn't be along the lines of what they did for Spider-Man 3 during the summer when they were running Spidey 2, but there might be something.
Can anyone upload the FX commercial promoting BB to youtube or something? I loved the one the did for B89 and Returns.
Saw that too, the ad looks great!
Now more people who missed it will see it and hopefully will be interested enough to go see TDK.
PFFT! I'll pass. I rather work that evening. Oh yeah I do.
Saw it too but then again I watched BB during the holidays. I loved it even more.

Jan. 18 I forgot Im out to watch Cloverfield.
I surprised Loeb said a'hole. I thought that was a network-television no-no.
LoL, they're showing Fantastic Four next Tuesday. I'll definitely watch that :whatever: .
LoL, they're showing Fantastic Four next Tuesday. I'll definitely watch that :whatever: .

Hey, don't hate. It wasn't horrible.

On topic, I just now turned to it. The scene where the tumbler leaps through the waterfall, then cut to commercial.
I like watching network premieres to see what is cut and when they cut to break... they did it all at the right times.... but yeah showing the Tumbler going through the water and cutting it there was bad... at least cut when Bruce removes his mask (after injecting Rachel with the antedote) while walking away. Other than that it was so so... I don't why FX gets all the good premieres these days when I don't get that channel in High Def... I don't know if anybody offers FX in high def.... anyways... good movie... though the action scenes get worse and worse after every time I watch this flick.
HAHAHAHA.................i just watched this movie on FX too!
:batty: I just saw Batman Begins on FX and here is my opinion about.
It was best Batman film since Batman 89.
I really can't wait to see The Dark Knight.
Man I remeber watching Batman begins then seeing the joker card at the end and being like Holy crap cant wait till heath then ..............................
Damn, my black box is down right. :cmad: :woot:
FX seems to be showing Batman Begins and Fantastic Four this month now my question is why is FX showing BB in a cropped 1.85 aspect ratio (it's 2.35) and FF in it's original 2.35 ratio?

USA network is also applying the habit of doing this to movies that were filmed 2.35 but being cropped as 1.85.
The Punisher and Crash also were shown 2:35 on FX. I think thats stupid they matte the movies that wer originally 2;35. Sci-fi channel did the same thing with The Matrix. That should be illegal to show the movie in the wrong aspect ratio I guess they think they pan and scan movies might as well matte them in 1:85.
Exactly they might as well just show the pan and scan version if their not going to bother showing movies in widescreen.

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